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What is Gastric Balloon procedure?

Gastric balloon procedure is a surgical treatment performed to treat extreme obesity in a short period of time. It works by decreasing your hunger and helps you feel full with minimal intake of food. This is a minimally invasive procedure that is used frequently nowadays to help treat genetic and acquired obesity for patients that are in danger of acquiring complications (such as heart diseases, diabetes and liver disorders) due to the increased weight.

How does Gastric Balloon procedure work?

The gastric balloon medical procedure for weight loss is a minimally invasive type of treatment method. It requires the doctor to place a sterile synthetic balloon-like apparatus inside the stomach. This is done by inserting the deflated balloon through the oral cavity, passing from the food pipe, and into the stomach. The doctor inserts an endoscopic camera (gastroscope) in the stomach to check for abnormalities before placing the balloon in the stomach. Once the balloon is placed inside the stomach cavity the balloon is slowly filled with a saline solution to increase its volume, through a small tube attached to it. Once the balloon is filled the doctor will remove the attached tube and leave the balloon in the stomach cavity. This procedure is performed by a well-experienced surgical team consisting of a gastroenterologist, anesthetist and operating room nurses who are well-versed in this medical procedure. The complete procedure takes less than 30 minutes on an average after which the patient is monitored for a couple of hours to check for signs of complications or rejections.

When should I choose Gastric Balloon procedure?

The gastric balloon weight loss procedure is suggested by a doctor in cases where the patient needs to lose around 10-30 kgs of weight in an urgent manner. This procedure is advised for patients with a BMI of 27 and above. The gastric balloon procedure is also advisable for obesity when the other alternate weight loss solutions are not likely to work successfully. This is also done to reduce weight before a major surgical procedure is performed for another medical disorder.

How long is the Gastric Balloon placed in the stomach for?

The gastric balloon is made of a sterile and organic-friendly material, which can be placed in the stomach for a period of six months. If it is advised to be used for a period longer than six months then the doctor will replace the existing balloon with a fresh one after the six-month period. The balloon is removed by inserting a catheter inside the stomach through the mouth. The doctor uses an endoscopic camera for visual assistance and uses the catheter instrument to puncture and deflate the balloon. After the balloon is completely emptied of the saline solution the doctor uses the catheter to grasp and remove the deflated balloon.


What are the advantages of Gastric Balloon procedure in weight loss?

The gastric balloon is not considered a sole-solution for weight loss. It is actually a tool, which along with reduced diet, change in lifestyle and exercising can be very effective in weight loss of around 10-30 kgs in a short period of time. The weight-loss depends upon various factors such as your volume of food intake, period of regular exercise as well as certain healthy lifestyle changes.

Are there any complications with Gastric Balloon procedure for weight loss?

The most common and mild complication that arises out of the gastric balloon procedure in the start is the feeling of nausea or vomiting for the first few days until your body adjusts to the feeling of the balloon in the stomach cavity. Doctors will prescribe you certain nausea-inhibiting medication to help make your recovery more comfortable. There could be a small amount of discomfort in the stomach after the procedure as the body is not used to a foreign object in it, but this will pass in a few short days as the body accepts this eventually. To identify a case of spontaneous balloon deflation in the stomach the doctor mixes a colored dye (usually Methlyene Blue) in the saline solution. In case the balloon deflates, or leaks, in the stomach the released dye turns the urine green in color which indicates the rupturing of the balloon in the stomach. The doctor should be immediately informed in such a case so he can plan the procedure to remove the punctured balloon safely.

Where can I get low cost Gastric Balloon procedure?

The Gastric Balloon procedure for weight loss at the lowest cost is performed in India. The doctors and surgeons in India are vastly experienced in various weight loss procedures and are well-adept in handling all weight loss cases. These experienced doctors and surgeons are assisted by a huge network of well-equipped hospitals and clinics that have the most modern medical technology at their disposal. The trained supporting staff and nurses further help in making the procedure more successful and efficient. The low cost of gastric balloon procedures in India has made it the choice destination for thousands of foreign patients who come to get weight loss treatment every year.
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