What is Gastric Plication Bariatric Surgery in India?


What is a Gastric Plication?

A gastric plication surgery is also known as the ‘pseudo sleeve surgery’ and works by making a smaller pouch out of the whole stomach which restricts the amount of food intake in the patient. Lesser amount of food intake means that the person experiences loss in weight after a short while.gastric sleeve surgery). This surgery does not involve any kind of stapling, cutting or removal of the stomach’s portion or intestine. This surgery is a reversible kind of bariatric surgery and can also be converted into a different procedure if required in the future.

What are the complications or risks involved in a Gastric Plication procedure?

The gastric plication surgery involves a lower amount of risk as compared to other types of bariatric surgeries. There is no morbid risk involved in the gastric plication surgery, while major complication rate is less than 1%. The most common complication seen is nausea or vomiting in the initial stages after surgery which can be controlled with a number of medicines.

How much effective is Gastric Plication surgery as compared to other bariatric surgeries?

The gastric sleeve surgery and the gastric plication surgeries are quite similar in nature however the main difference between them is that on one hand, the gastric sleeve procedure reduces the total volume of the stomach by removing a portion of the stomach, on the other hand, the gastric plication surgery merely stitches the bigger folds of the stomach together to reduce the volume of the stomach. This surgery results in remarkable weight loss but has an added advantage of being modified into other bariatric procedures.


The gastric plication surgery is also advantageous over most other bariatric procedures as there is no need to reconnect intestine as seen in a duodenal switch surgery or a gastric bypass surgery. Unlike gastric band surgery there is no need to implant a device in the body. Also there is no requirement for removing a portion of the stomach as seen in gastric sleeve.

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