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What is Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression (PLDD) surgery?

Percutaneous laser disc decompression (PLDD) surgery is a type of laser surgery which uses a laser probe to direct a laser beam in order to treat the damage to the inter-vertebral disc. This is a minimally invasive form of surgical procedure performed using x-ray (or other imaging techniques) for guiding the laser probe to the required position.

Who is an ideal candidate for Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression (PLDD)?

The doctor will decide if the patient is an ideal candidate for a PLDD procedure by taking into account various factors, such as the age, overall health status and the preference of the patient.

Any person suffering from chronic lower back pain being caused by a damaged (herniated) inter-vertebral disc can be treated with PLDD. This is a minimally invasive procedure and is mostly performed as an outpatient procedure with the patient being allowed to go home the same day.

How is Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression (PLDD) performed?

The percutaneous laser disc decompression (PLDD) surgery is a form of minimally invasive laser surgery performed using image-guiding techniques.

The laser device consists of a small needle with a laser probe in it. The surgeon will administer local anesthesia in order to avoid discomfort and pain to the patient during the procedure. The surgeon will insert the needle using x-ray guidance into the back just above the damaged (herniated) inter-vertebral disc. An optical fiber contains the laser probe which is then inserted along the guiding needle.

This procedure requires the doctor to pass a laser firing probe into the affected region in the spinal column, just below the herniated (damaged) disc. The doctor will use either an x-ray device (or other similar imaging technique) as a tool for guiding the laser probe inside the back till it reaches the required spot in the spinal column.

The doctor then aims to laser beam at the damaged tissue of the inter-vertebral disc to vaporize (destroy) them. This sudden heating up of the tissue results in the creation of vacuum in the region which prompts the disintegrated disc material to move away from the spinal cord. This laser can help remove unwanted disc material and the degenerated disc tissue as well as decrease the swelling in the damaged inter-vertebral disc in order to reduce the pressure on the nerve roots inside the spinal column being caused by the debris of the damaged inter-vertebral disc.

What are the advantages of Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression (PLDD) surgery?

The percutaneous laser disc decompression (PLDD) is one of the most modern and efficient minimally invasive surgical procedures for treating spinal compression and the various complications that arise due to it.

The main advantage of the PLDD procedure is that it is a least-invasive surgical procedure, meaning it results in:

  • No (minimal) pain
  • No (minimal) scarring
  • Shorter procedure time (outpatient procedure)
  • Shorter stay in hospital (if required)
  • No surgical treatment requirement
  • Reduced risk of surgical complications (anesthetic allergy, infection, etc.)
  • Provides almost immediate relief from pain
  • No soft tissue injury
  • No bone damage
  • No epidural fibrosis (scarring of spinal cord)

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