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What is Stenting?

Stent is a very small tube that the surgeon uses to insert it into a blocked blood vessel in order to keep it open. The stent is useful in maintaining the blood flow and other of other fluids as well, depending on its location.

Stents are artificially made prosthetic implants, and are made from medical-grade plastic or metal. The stent graft is a larger implant and is most useful for unblocking the larger arteries. They are often made from specialized fabric and are also coated with certain medications to help keep the artery unblocked.

When is a Stent needed?

Stents are mostly required when plaque (hardened mass) inside blocks the blood vessel. This plaque is composed of cholesterol and other fatty substances that become a hardened mass and attaches itself to the inner walls of the blood vessels.

A stent might also be required in an emergency situation as well. This emergency procedure is required when there is a coronary (main heart) artery is blocked with plaque. The doctor will initially place a catheter into the blocked coronary artery to allow for the balloon angioplasty procedure to take place for opening the blockage. The stent will then be placed inside the artery to keep the blood vessel open permanently.

Stents are also needed to treat aneurysms of the brain.

How is a Stent Procedure performed?

The doctor/surgeon can use a number of ways to insert the stent.

Usually, the stent procedure is performed using minimally invasive surgical procedures (laparoscope). The surgeon will make a very small incision in the surgical site (usually in the groin or arm). This keyhole incision is used as an entry port for the catheter that is inserted inside initially. This catheter is used to guide the wide range of specialized tools through the targeted blood vessel to reach the blocked area in it. One of these catheters is fitted with a light-source and a video camera at one end which allows the surgeon real-time high definition view of the blockage on the video monitor and guide the stent precisely and with accuracy.

The surgeon might choose an advanced imaging test, such as an angiogram to help guide the surgical procedure better. This is done by injecting the affected blood vessel with a specialized dye that is highly-visible in an x-ray test.

The surgeon will use the attached special surgical tools in the catheter to locate the blockage and remove it. The surgeon will then place the stent at the narrowed (blocked) point in the blood vessel, this acts as a support for the inner walls of the blood vessel and prevents future plaque from forming and blocking the blood vessel in the future.

What are the risks associated with Stenting procedure?

There are certain rare risks that are seen in any form of major surgical procedure hence, the stenting procedure might also carry some risks of complications that might arise after it.

These are the risks of complications that are associated with a stenting procedure:

  • Allergic anesthetic/medicinal reaction
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Bleeding
  • Artery blockage
  • Blood clots
  • Heart attack
  • Vascular infection
  • Kidney stone formation from using catheter in ureters
  • Re-narrowing of blood vessel

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