Hammer Toe Surgery: How It Is Done by Expert Surgeons?

Hammer Toes

What is Hammer toe?

Hammer toe is a bone disorder which affects the 2nd, 3rd and 4th toes mostly. This condition causes these toes to bend at the middle joint and they resemble a hammer.

Hammer toes can be treated using simple treatment methods in the initial stages as these are flexible. In case the hammer toe is left untreated for long they tend to become stiff and require surgical procedure to relieve the tension from them.

People may also experience calluses or corns growing on the top of the middle joint of the toe or near the tip of the toe. This may also result in pain in the toes or the feet.

What are the causes of Hammer Toe?

Hammer toe is mainly caused by wearing improperly fitting shoes or even due to muscular imbalance, or due to a combination of these factors. This may also be caused of the toe is stretched into the unnatural position and held there for long, then the muscles in the toe get permanently stretched and do not tighten to pull the toe back into normal position.

Shoes with extremely pointed toes cause the smaller toes to bend at times. These toes also rub against the shoes continuously and develop corns and calluses which also worsen the condition even more.

A high-heeled shoe also forces the toe down and squeezes them together into an unnatural (bent) position. This also bends the toes into an upward position and the muscles get permanently stretched, bending the toe upwards.

How is Hammer Toe treated?

Initially the hammer toe will be treated using conservative (non-surgical) treatment methods. It might require you to start wearing comfortable and spacious footwear. These shoes have more space in the toe (at least ½ inch more than the longest toe). The doctor will advise against wearing high-heeled shoes or shoes that are tight-fitting. Sandals are also advised if they do not irritate the other areas of the foot.

Certain exercises may also be prescribed by the doctor that can be performed at home which will help to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the affected toe. Stretching the toe gently using your hands help to tighten the stretched muscle and tendons.

The doctor may also advise the patient to wear one of the several aids (such as straps, cushions and non-medicated corn pads) in order to relieve the painful symptoms.

In case the patient suffers from diabetes, lack of feeling in the feet or poor blood circulation then the doctor needs to be consulted before attempting any form of self-medication.

If the non-surgical methods fail to address the hammer toe then the doctor may advise surgical treatment for it. This is a simple surgery and is mostly performed as an outpatient procedure by the doctor. This requires administering local anesthesia to numb the toe region. The aim of the surgery is to release the stretched muscles and tendons or to replace these using functioning muscles and tendons from another part of the body. The actual procedure mainly depends on the type of the hammer toe as well as its extent of deformity.

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