Healthcare in Egypt

Located at north-eastern side of Africa, Egypt is one of the most beautiful as well as fascinating countries in the world. River Nile which is world’s largest river is the main center of attraction in Egypt. This country is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and elegant ancient monuments. In fact, Pyramids at Giza falls in the category of seven wonders of world. Despite all these factors, when we consider healthcare in Egypt, the situation is not so composed. Problems such as brain stroke, heart diseases, and lung diseases are known to adversely affect health of Egyptians. Also, health consultation fees charged by doctors in Egypt is very high and beyond the reach of common people.

Healthcare in Egypt

Current Scenario of Healthcare in Egypt

At present, quality of healthcare in Egypt cannot be justified in being up to the mark. The reason is unavailability of hospitals that have advanced diagnostic machines and expensiveness of treatments. Although ministry of healthcare (MoH) in Egypt has taken various steps in improving the quality of medical services, a large range of population in Egypt suffers from deadly diseases. Ailments like heart diseases, brain stroke, and lung diseases are responsible for taking lives of Egyptian patients every year. In addition to this, congenital and pediatric diseases are also increasing steadily. Medical experts state that this is why patients are seeking medical tourism from Egypt to other countries.


Differences of Costings for Healthcare in Egypt and India

Indian country has become the most loved healthcare destination as it caters high-quality medical services at economical rates. If we compare the prices of healthcare in Egypt with Indian healthcare system, India is definitely a better destination. According to statistics of World Healthcare Organization (WHO), healthcare in Egypt is 2.5 times costlier than healthcare in India. This clearly indicates that patients can save a large sum of money by opting for medical tourism from Egypt to India. They can ensure positive results by undergoing treatments for heart diseases, brain stroke, lung diseases and congenital surgery and pediatric surgery in India in a hassle-free manner.


Best Medical Facilities with Low Costings in India as Compared to Egypt

Majority of accredited super-specialty healthcare centers in India are highly resourced with all latest facilities like state-of-the-art technology as well as similar high-end provisions. Most of the doctors practicing in this country are extremely talented and well-versed in performing most complicated surgeries such as congenital surgery and pediatric surgery for heart or any other disorders. They have through understanding of medicines and possess great patient handling skills. Whereas, there are very few doctors in Egypt who can match the levels of medical professionals in India. Therefore, Egyptian patients can get treated in considerably less amount under the guidance of top medical professionals by choosing medical tourism from Egypt to India.


Top Advantages of Choosing Travcure for Medical Tourism from Egypt to India

Travcure Medical Tourism is a top healthcare consulting firm that guides patients to avail medical tourism from Egypt to India in a smooth manner. Medical experts at Travcure are associated with best hospitals and doctors in India that provide treatment for heart diseases, brain stroke and lung diseases at affordable prices. Associated medical practitioners are highly experienced and have great success records. Congenital surgery and pediatric surgery are somewhat risky procedures. They strictly follow international protocols and standards in order to ensure safety of Egyptian patients. They leave no stone unturned in maintaining a stress-free environment throughout the journey of patients. On top of this, they continue to be in touch with patients even when they go back to Egypt on completion of their treatment. Therefore, Egyptian patients searching for top healthcare consulting firm for medical tourism from Egypt to India can contact Travcure Medical Tourism.


Healthcare Treatments Offered by Travcure

Being one of the highly reputed and top healthcare consulting firms, Travcure offers several high-quality medical treatments to patients from Egypt that are struggling from following diseases.

  • Heart DiseasesOccurrence of heart diseases in Egypt has increased and become major cause of deaths. Dietary factors, high blood pressure, tobacco intake, and poor lifestyle have resulted in such undesired condition.
  • Brain StrokeBrain stroke among Egyptians is also very common. Medical professionals reveal that improper eating habits, hypertension or high blood pressure, high body mass index are the top three reasons for this health scenario.
  • Lung DiseasesAir pollution, habit of smoking, and tobacco consumption in excessive amounts are the prime causes behind increasing incidences of lung diseases in Egypt.
  • Pediatric Diseases – Pediatric diseases such as pneumonia and asthma are common in Egypt. They may cause trouble to children for a long-term if an appropriate pediatric surgery is not performed at the earliest. Therefore, children suffering from pediatric diseases must reach out for medical assistance.
  • Congenital Defects Congenital defects are also causing harm to lives of Egyptians. Medical professionals blame it on faulty genes and family history of diseases. Congenital surgery can prove useful for patients struggling with serious congenital defects.


If you are someone from Egypt and willing to avail best medical treatments such as congenital surgery or pediatric surgery in India for treating life-threatening diseases, you may choose Travcure as it is top healthcare consulting firm in India. You just have to visit and fill a simple inquiry form. In addition to this, you may also avail their free call-back service. Medical consultants at Travcure will definitely contact you within 48 hours and assist you with everything that you need to stay fit and disease-free.

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