Healthcare in Kenya

Kenya is named after the giant mountain ‘Mount Kenya’. This country falls on 46th position among largest countries in the world. It is a beautiful country in East Africa which is renowned for its enchanting wild-life, peaceful nature and magnificent landmarks. In fact, it has become the main attraction for tourists because of its rich fertile forests and amazing national wildlife parks. However, if we bring attention towards healthcare system of this country, it is not at all satisfactory. It does not fit in the parameters that a patient desires.

Healthcare in Kenya

Current Scenario of Healthcare in Kenya

Incidences of deadly health diseases such as lung diseases, heart diseases, and cancer have become a common issue among people belonging to Kenya. World Health Organization (WHO) stated that there’s just one doctor available for every 10,000 Kenyans. This clearly indicates that Kenya healthcare system is extremely poor. Apart from this, hospitals with good healthcare facilities are also not available in this country. As a result, cases of misdiagnosis are increasing steadily in Kenya and a large range of Kenyan population is falling victim to death every year.


Differences of Costings for Healthcare in Kenya and India

Indian country is one of the prime medical care destinations across the globe. Most of the multispecialty hospitals in India are furnished with modern infrastructure and provide finest healthcare solutions at very economical prices. Whereas, hospitals in Kenya don’t even have basic medical provisions that are required for providing good quality treatment to patients. As far as prices are concerned, India caters all advanced treatments within a normal price range. Patients from Kenya can save a large sum of money along with getting treated under the guidance of highly experienced doctors by choosing healthcare in India.


Best Healthcare Facilities with Low Costings in India as Compared to Kenya

Majority of healthcare professionals in India are immensely skilled, experienced, and talented. They have a thorough understanding of handling patients that are suffering from severe health disorders. To be honest, their success record of treating life-threatening diseases is quite high. Whereas, doctors in Kenya lack good knowledge, as well as, their success record is very low. In addition to this, Indian hospitals are well-resourced with state-of-the-art technology and similar advanced techniques that increase the chances of positive results following any treatment or surgery.


Advantages of Choosing Travcure for Medical Tourism from Kenya to India

Travcure Medical Tourism is one of the top healthcare consulting firms that help patients from Kenya to avail best medical solutions at affordable costs. Medical consultants at Travcure aim to provide best possible and cost-effective treatment packages to each and every patient. They offer free online medical consultation to patients seeking medical tourism from Kenya to India. Also, they assist them with the process of availing their medical visas at the earliest. They are closely associated with accredited super-specialty hospitals and top surgeons in India that are well-versed in performing surgery and treatments such as cardiac bypass surgery, cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, brain stroke surgery and many more. Healthcare experts at Travcure stay in touch with Kenyan patients throughout their medical trip in India as well as during their postoperative time even when they go back to Kenya after completion of their treatment. Therefore, Kenyan patients can depend on such excellent medical treatments provided by Travcure for achieving a better health.

Medical Treatments Offered by Travcure

Healthcare reports state that the given list of diseases has taken a toll on Kenyans. Travcure works dedicatedly to bring a new ray of hope in patient’s life who are struggling with the following serious ailments.

  • Lung DiseasesRespiratory and lung diseases such as asthma have become most common reasons for death of patients in Kenya. Studies suggest that air pollution and excessive smoking are the major causes behind such conditions.
  • Brain StrokeBrain stroke is the second leading cause of mortality in Kenya. Lack of intake of well-balanced diet, air pollution, smoking, alcohol consumption, and high-sodium consumptions are the major causes that are known to give rise to brain stroke condition in Kenyan patients.
  • Heart DiseasesDietary problems, high blood pressure, obesity, tobacco, and smoking has resulted in the rise of cardiovascular or heart diseases in Kenya.
  • CancerCervical cancer and prostate cancer are the two main categories of cancer disease that have contributed to death of many Kenyan patients over last few decades. Medical experts reveal that obesity, improper lifestyle, excessive alcohol consumption, and drug abuse are the main factors behind development of such diseases.
  • Cosmetic SurgeryKenyan patients who desire a different body profile or are suffering from any birth defect or have undergone a major accident may choose to undergo a cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery can enhance their overall appearance and help in resolving their issues.
  • Bariatric SurgeryAccording to latest statistics, number of Kenyan people suffering from obesity are increasing steadily. People who have already followed exercising and balanced diet regimen and still not getting desired results may choose to undergo bariatric surgery. Bariatric or weight loss surgery can significantly help them in staying fit and maintaining normal body weight.


If you are someone from Kenya and looking for best medical consultant in India, then Travcure is the right option for you. Travcure can help you beat these diseases by providing treatments in best hospitals of India at reasonable costs. You just stay calm and visit their website – and fill up a simple inquiry form. If you have any confusion then you can try their free call-back service. Medical consultants at Travcure will positively get in touch with you within 48 hours. You can ask them whatever you want without any hesitation. They will provide you full assistance.

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