Healthcare in Nigeria

Named after river ‘Niger’, Nigeria is one of the highly populated countries in West Africa. This is why it is also known as ‘Giant of Africa’. This country is bestowed with beautiful nature, charming locations, wonderful beaches and some amazing landmarks. Wild-life of this country is one of the best things about Nigeria that attracts thousands of tourists every year. However, when we speak about medical practices that are followed in the country, the results are extremely poor. As a matter of fact, they are below average.

 Healthcare in Nigeria

Current Scenario of Healthcare in Nigeria

Unavailability of well-resourced hospitals, failure in maintaining good hygiene and lack of awareness about diseases are some of the severe problems that most of the Nigerians are facing at present. A large range of Nigerian patients pass away every year mainly due to improper treatment of life-threatening diseases. The reality is majority of hospitals in Nigeria doesn’t even have proper diagnostic machines. On top of this, medical professionals in this country are also not well-skilled and qualified. They lack patient handling capability which clearly reflects in their poor success ratio.


Differences of Costings for Healthcare in Nigeria and India

Interestingly, Indian hospitals serve top-quality medical treatments at most economical prices. Low cost of treatments is not at all related to its quality as all accredited multi-speciality hospitals in India follow international standards. They take care of every minute details for ensuring safety of patients. Whereas, Nigerian healthcare facilities stand nowhere when compared to medical provisions of India. Nigerian patients can easily save up to seventy percent of their money if they opt for medical tourism in India.


Best Healthcare Facilities with Low Costings in India as Compared to Nigeria

Nigeria healthcare centers do not even have basic healthcare facilities. Whereas, Indian healthcare centers are well-furnished with most advanced treatment techniques such as state-of-the-art technology. Doctors serving in these hospitals are well-experienced and they have expertise even in performing highly complicated surgeries such as advanced staged-cancer surgery and heart surgery. Nigerian patients can get desired treatments at most cost-effective rates by availing medical tourism in India.


Top Advantages of Choosing Travcure for Medical Tourism from Nigeria to India

Travcure Medical Tourism is one of globally reputed and top healthcare consulting firms. Availability of cost-effective as well as first-class medical provisions has given an upper hand to Travcure over other medical facilitators. Medical professionals in India are immensely talented and skillful in performing a large range of treatments and surgeries including stroke treatment, cancer surgery, cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, cardiovascular surgery and a lot more. They are renowned for providing best long-term results. Healthcare experts at Travcure make sure Nigerian patients get best treatments at extremely economical rates. To be honest, they can save handsome amount of money by choosing services offered by Travcure. They provide them free online medical consultation and assist them in availing their medical visas as early as possible. They stay in contact with each and every Nigerian patient throughout their medical trip in India as well as during their recovery period even when they fly back to Nigeria in order to ensure their safety. Therefore, Nigerian patients can contact Travcure Medical Tourism for availing these fine low-priced services and improving their overall health condition.


Healthcare Treatments Offered by Travcure

Heavy alcohol consumption, improper meals and sedentary life choices are the prime reasons that have contributed to development of various deadly diseases in Nigeria. The following list describes some of the major diseases which continue to affect the health of Nigerian patients.

  • Lung DiseasesAccording to reports of World Healthcare Organization (WHO), lung diseases are one of the topmost reasons for increased death rate in Nigeria. Environmental pollution and chronic underlying health problems are the major risk factors that have increased the number of lung disorders amongst Nigerians.
  • Stroke – Number of deaths due to stroke has continuously increased in Nigeria. Doctors reveal that high blood pressure and physical inactivity are the major reasons behind incidences of stroke in Nigeria.
  • Heart DiseasePhysical inactivity, cigarette smoking, excessive salt intake in foods, diabetes and obesity are the major factors that have given rise to fatal heart diseases in Nigeria.
  • CancerProstate cancer and breast cancer are the most commonly observed types of cancers amongst Nigerian people. Poor eating habits and improper lifestyle are primarily responsible for the occurrence of such health issues in Nigeria.
  • Liver DiseaseConsumption of alcohol in excessive quantities has become a major cause of concern in Nigeria. Liver diseases have become more prevalent in this country due to such ill practices.
  • Bariatric SurgeryNigerian patients struggling with obesity, mainly who have tried every other alternative of shedding weight including exercising and diet may opt for bariatric surgery. It can significantly help them in living a good quality of life.
  • Cosmetic SurgeryNigerians who want to enhance their body profile due to aging or any other purpose may undergo a cosmetic surgery. They may choose from a number of procedures such as body lift, tummy tuck, breast enhancement, liposuction, and many more. In addition to this, Nigerians who have encountered any serious physical injury and damaged their body profile may also opt for cosmetic surgery.

If you are someone from Nigeria who wants to avail best as well as affordable medical treatments, you may contact Travcure Medical Tourism. You can directly visit and fill up a basic inquiry form. Medical consultants at Travcure will definitely contact you within 48 hours. There is no need to get confused because they have also given a free call-back facility. You can choose any of the suitable ways to get in touch with Travcure and rest they will take care.

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