Hip Replacement Prosthesis Types: Get to Know Your Artificial Hip Joint

Hip Replacement Prosthesis : Any hip injury or joint disease that causes severe hip pain can be treated efficiently with physical therapy and medicines. Patients who do not get any relief despite these primary treatments may opt for a hip surgery. Also known as ‘arthroplasty’, hip replacement surgery is a medical intervention performed to treat diseased hip joint. It involves removal of old damaged hip with an artificial hip joint. Main aim of this surgical procedure is to restore hip strength and improve its functionality.

Hip Replacement Prosthesis Types

Types of Hip Replacement Prosthesis Implants

Hip is composed of ball and socket joint. Femoral head is named as ‘ball’ and acetabulum is the ‘socket’. During a hip replacement procedure, orthopedic surgeons remove the femoral head (head of thighbone) and place a metallic rod inside it carefully. Then they insert a cup into acetabulum and fix it with the help of screws. Surgeons may use the following types of artificial hip implants during hip replacement procedure. These artificial implants are called as ‘prosthesis’ in clinical terms.

  • Fixed Bearing Hip Implants – These are most widely used type of artificial hip They are mostly prepared from materials like ceramic, plastic, and metal. Generally, surgeons fix them using cementing procedure. In some instances, ‘bone ingrowth’ (without cement) fixation method is also used.
  • Hybrid Total Hip Implants – This type of hip implant involves fixing any one component (either ball or socket) with cementing procedure and other without cement. Hybrid hip implants are renowned for providing successful long-term outcomes.
  • Mobile-Bearing Total Hip Implants – These implants are designed in such a way that they fit effortlessly and provide a wide range of motion. Medical professionals admit that patients experience higher hip joint stability with this type of advanced implants. In addition to this, they last longer and risk of hip dislocation with a mobile bearing implant is much lesser as compared to any other type of prosthesis.

Cemented and Cementless Artificial Hip Implant Fixation

Orthopedic surgeons may choose any of the following ways to fix artificial hip joint during a hip replacement procedure.

  • Cemented Fixation – Cemented fixation involves using a special material called as ‘polymethylmethacrylate’ (PMMA). Bone cement is a hard and long-lasting material which plays the role of filler between artificial implant and bone. It holds the prosthesis in proper location and provides strength to hip joint. It has been observed that cemented fixation aids a faster recovery and allows patients to enjoy a greater range of motion following hip replacement
  • Cementless Fixation – Nowadays, majority of hip replacement surgeries are being carried out with cementless fixation technique. Latest medical advancements have cut down the need for traditional cemented fixation method. Patients require a longer time for recovery as cementless implants rely on new bone growth. However, this technique is more reliable and long-lasting as compared to cemented fixation.

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