Hip Resurfacing Surgery

hip-resurfacing-surgery A hip resurfacing surgery is a surgical procedure that is used to replace the damaged hip joint. The hip joint may get damaged due to an injury or a bone degenerative condition such as arthritis. A hip resurfacing surgery procedure uses a metal covering to be fixed to the top of the femoral head and a metal shell that is fixed in the acetabulum to fit the femoral head. This is an easier to revise surgery and helps you to walk normally faster.

How Hip Resurfacing Surgery works?

A hip resurfacing surgery is considered to be a better alternative than a total hip replacement (THR) surgery. Unlike in total hip replacement surgery the surgeon will only resurface (grind) your femoral head so that the metallic cap can be fitted into it. The other part of the implant device, the metal shell, is fitted into the acetabulum to act as the socket to the ball. This helps the patient to recover the strength and movement in the damaged hip and the implant device acts perfectly as a natural ‘ball and socket’ hip joint.

Hip Resurfacing surgery procedures

A hip resurfacing surgery is a major type of surgery and requires general anesthesia to avoid discomfort to the patient. The surgical procedure requires the surgeon to make an incision along your thigh to gain access to the hip joint. The surgeon will remove the femoral head from the socket and use a special surgical power tool to trim and reshape the femoral head. A metallic cap is then fitted on the femoral head. The surgeon will then use a reamer tool to remove the cartilage from the socket in the acetabulum. The surgeon will insert a metal shell into the socket and held together due to friction between metal and bone. After fitting the metal shell in the acetabulum the surgeon will fit the femoral head back in place inside the socket. The surgeon closes the incisions using sutures.

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Who is a candidate for a Hip Resurfacing surgery?

You are considered to be an ideal candidate for a hip resurfacing surgery if you are diagnosed with advanced form of osteoarthritis and other (non-surgical) treatment methods have failed to address the problem. Surgery is advised when the damage to the hip joint is adversely affecting your quality of life and your daily normal activities. Hip resurfacing is usually not recommended for everybody with a damaged hip joint. The orthopedic specialist/surgeon will usually advise you for a hip resurfacing surgery if you are less than 60 years of age and have a good bone structure. Patients who are older or have a weaker/smaller skeletal structure are at risk of suffering from femoral neck fracture after a hip resurfacing surgery. The orthopedic specialist/surgeon will likely perform a complete physical examination as well as check your medical history to finally determine if you are an ideal candidate for a hip resurfacing surgery.

Benefits of Hip Resurfacing surgery in India

A hip resurfacing surgery is one of the major orthopedic surgical procedures and requires immense expertise and care on the orthopedic surgeon’s part for it to be successful. The overall healthcare facilities and rehabilitation programs should also be considered before choosing to get a hip resurfacing surgery done. The large numbers of world-class hospitals and clinics in India makes it an ideal destination for getting all kinds of orthopedic treatments, including hip resurfacing surgery. India offers the best treatment at the most advanced hospitals and clinics at the lowest price possible cost.

Complications associated with Hip Resurfacing surgery in India

As is seen with most surgical procedures the hip resurfacing surgery also carries risks of certain complications. These are the rare complications that might arise as a result of a hip resurfacing surgery:
  • Blood clots
  • Infection
  • Nerve damage/injury
  • Hip dislocation
  • Femoral neck fracture
  • Metal ions allergy
  • Anesthetic reaction
The surgeon will make you aware about any other risk you might face because of the surgery and will take every possible precaution to avoid these complications.

What is the difference between Hip Resurfacing and Hip Replacement surgeries?

Although the medical fraternity is still debating the merits and demerits of the hip resurfacing and the hip replacement surgeries there are certain advantages of a hip resurfacing surgery over the hip replacement surgery. Unlike the hip replacement method the hip resurfacing surgery does not require the complete removal of the femoral head, instead, the surgeon will simply reshape the bone a little to accommodate the metal cap. A metal shell is also inserted inside the acetabulum ‘socket’ to act as a receptor for the femoral head metallic cap. In a hip replacement surgery the socket part of the implant is lined with a layer of hard plastic to allow smooth movement of the femoral head within it, this layer of plastic is known to eventually wear out and need replacement while the metallic parts used in the hip resurfacing surgery last comparatively longer.

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