Hugo Smith

I have been playing lots of basketball all my life and have been running about 20 miles on an average for about 30 years of my life. I had to stop doing both quite a few years back because of pain in both knees. In fact, I had almost become knock-kneed due to severe pain lasting over years. Even walking short distances had become a difficult task. After trying medications and scores of nonsurgical treatments for years my doctors convinced me that knee replacement surgery would be the only lasting solution. When I found out how expensive it would be to undergo knee replacement surgery here in Europe, I started looking for affordable procedures in other countries. I had heard from friends that orthopedic surgery in India is not just high in quality but affordable as well. After all, doctors from India are some of the best healthcare professionals spread all around the world.

My search for knee replacement surgery eventually led me to Travcure Medical Tourism. I gave them a thumbs up after receiving their quotation and an online consultation with their expert. I underwent my knee replacement surgery on my left leg in Goa the next month. Six months later I did the same with my right leg as well. I am now absolutely straight-legged and pain free and able to perform vigorous exercises for over an hour, 3 to 4 times every week. Though I am not allowed to run, I did try a few times. Not bad for my 68 years of age!

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