Different Available Options for Hymenoplasty surgery in India


A hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure to reconstruct a torn hymen. This is not considered to be a gynecological procedure but is a completely cosmetic surgery. The goal of this surgery is to restore the hymen to its original state so as to allow bleeding during the post-nuptial sexual intercourse as a proof of virginity. It is also known as hymenorrhaphy, hymen reconstruction surgery as well as hymenotomy.

Need for Hymenoplasty

A hymenoplasty surgery is simply a cosmetic surgery to restore the torn hymen to its original state in order to ensure bleeding during the first post-nuptial sexual intercourse as the proof of being a virgin as losing virginity before marriage by a women can be a taboo in certain cultures. Although pre-marital sexual intercourse isn’t the only reason a hymen may get torn. A hymen can also suffer damage due to:
  • Cycling
  • Horse-back riding
  • Using tampons
  • Gymnastics
Many women are often without a hymen in place and this is a common occurrence. There are several reasons why you would need a hymenoplasty, such as:
  • Making the first night more special
  • Regaining a virgin symbolism
  • Having a sense of ownership

Hymenoplasty procedure

Although hymenoplasty can be performed using various methods the most efficient is the use of sutures (surgical method). This method involves using local, or rarely general, anesthesia and can be performed as an out-patient procedure within 30-50 minutes. After the administering of anesthesia the cosmetic surgeon will use very fine and dissolvable stitches to reconstruct the torn membrane of the hymen and stitch it together so that it partially covers the opening of the vagina. Once the anesthesia wears off the surgeon will allow you to go home after performing a physical examination to ensure there are no complications.

Advantages of Hymenoplasty

The main advantage of the hymenoplasty procedure is the restoration of the torn hymen and the feeling of freshness that comes on an emotional level. This surgical procedure has different advantages for various reasons, for:
  • Women who wish to surprise their partners even after bearing children
  • Victims of rape or sexual assault
  • Women with ruptured hymen due to any reason
  • Women who are culturally-bound to be virgins till their marriage
  • Women who are getting married soon
  • Women who wish to restore youthfulness in themselves
This surgery is also advantageous as it is performed as an out-patient procedure and requires no hospital stay. The complete recovery period differs for different women and can range between 2-6 weeks. Although you can resume daily activities within a couple of days it is advisable to consult the doctor/surgeon as to how long before you can resume sexual activities.
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