Important Facts About Unilateral Knee Arthroscopy

Unilateral Knee Arthroscopy– An Overview

A unilateral knee arthroscopy is one of the most efficient and effective minimally invasive diagnostic and treatment methods that can be used to determine and treat a large number of orthopedic problems and disorders that are found to affect the knee joint. This technique uses an innovative device called the ‘arthroscope’. This is basically a system of small, thin and flexible surgical tubes that have a cold light-source attached to one of the tubes while the other tubes are attached with special tiny surgical instruments that might be required to perform a surgical operation. An arthroscope is highly-useful in diagnosing a large number of knee problems, such as a misaligned kneecap (patella) or a torn meniscus in the knee.

Need for Unilateral Knee Arthroscopy

The doctor may advise a unilateral knee arthroscopy if the patient is suffering from constant knee pain. The doctor might have already diagnosed your condition and would use the arthroscopic investigative method to determine further details regarding the problem as well as to plan the best course of treatment required for it. An arthroscopy can help diagnose various knee problems, such as:
  • Torn posterior or anterior cruciate ligaments
  • Torn meniscus (cartilage supporting knee bones)
  • Misaligned patella (knee cap)
  • Loose bodies
  • Removing Baker’s cyst
  • Swollen synovial tissue
  • Knee fracture

Unilateral Knee Arthroscopy Procedure

The doctor will require to give you a general, or local, anesthetic before starting with the unilateral knee arthroscopy procedure. The next step involves making a few (2-4) very small (keyhole-sized) incisions around the damaged knee joint. The doctor will then pump sterile saline solution into the knee joint in order to expand the knee joint region. This allows the surgeon to move the arthroscope freely inside the knee joint. The doctor will then insert the arthroscope from one of the incisions and view real-time video footage from the knee joint on a video monitor in a superiorly detailed and magnified way. When the doctor has determined the necessary details about the knee problem, they will then use the other incisions to insert the other arthroscope tubes that are attached with special miniaturized surgical instruments. These instruments help the doctor to perform the required procedure. The surgeon will then remove the sterile saline fluid from the knee joint and close the incisions using small medical adhesives.

Possible Risks associated with Unilateral Knee Arthroscopy

As is seen in any form of surgery, there are certain common risks that can be associated to the surgical part of the procedure after a unilateral knee arthroscopy, such as:
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Blood clot
  • Infection
  • Anesthetic reaction
  • Internal bleeding (hemorrhaging)
  • Stiffness in knee joint
  • Nerve/blood vessel/bone/ligament/meniscus damage
The doctor will take every possible preventive measure available to avoid these risks from arising.

Recovering after a Unilateral Knee Arthroscopy

As the unilateral knee arthroscopy procedure is a minimally invasive type of surgery the surgical duration is vastly reduced along with the total recovery period. This procedure is usually competed within 1-2 hours and the patient is allowed to go home the same day. The doctor will usually advise using an ice-pack or dressing to the knee for a few days after the surgery, this helps to reduce the pain and the swelling as well.

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