Why Choose India for Weight Loss Surgery

Any patient who has undergone trials & trauma of weight loss surgery will tell that bariatric surgery is not an easy quick fix solution to a great body. Bariatric surgery is neither for too lazy to diet & exercise obese patients as these are essential parts of a pre & post operative plans. Lifestyle changes for some people do not work & obesity in such cases generally becomes a life-threatening condition & for whom weight loss surgery may be the last resort. However, there is no easy option available. Bariatric surgery for weight loss is generally performed with an express aim of helping obese people lose weight. Undergoing the surgeon’s knife so as to lose weight must only be considered after the patient has exhausted all other avenues of nonsurgical methods of weight loss without success.

Resorting to Bariatric Surgery

Resorting to weight loss surgery is quite a drastic step, but for morbidly obese people, it means that weight loss surgery can lower rates of death, especially among people who are having weight related complications. The easiest & most obvious route to losing weight is to take small steps & make gradual changes in lifestyle & eating habits including routine exercise. However, this approach is not always effective for everyone despite best efforts, while there may be reasons as to why they are unable to lose weight. This should be carefully explored prior to considering undergoing bariatric surgery.

Considering Bariatric Surgery

Here is a list of some quests people should ask themselves prior to considering bariatric surgery to deal with obesity problems.

  • Have you seriously tried to lose weight & maintain the same by using diet & changes in lifestyle while setting weight loss goals with as little or no effect?
  • Have you properly researched about different types of bariatric surgeries that are available & the procedures involved?
  • Are you aware of the changes life will take following bariatric surgery? How you eat will change forever as you will not be able to consume large meals. The choice of food available to you will also be limited. Bariatric surgery is also going to impact on your social & family life when eating habits are totally changed.
  • Are you truly committed to pre & post operative changes in lifestyle? With weight loss surgery, it would be essential that exercise would become a daily routine before & after bariatric surgery & eating will never be the same again as it does now.
  • Are you committed & prepared for lifelong medical follow-ups? The progress & well being you make following bariatric surgery will need to be tracked & maintained for the rest of life.
  • Will you be happy to take tablets & extra food supplements? Mineral supplements & vitamins would be essential with reduced amounts of food & nutritional intake you will have to deal with following bariatric surgery.
  • Are you mentally prepared for rapid weight loss? There are a whole lot of new issues like fatigue & altered body image you would be required to deal with despite the fact that achieving ideal weight has been your goal for many years now.

Why Choose Travcure for Your Bariatric Surgery

Obesity has almost doubled worldwide now during the past three decades. It is presently recognized as a major health concern, especially among the developed regions as it has acquired epidemic proportions across the globe. World Health Organization figures reveal that almost 1.9 billion adults over 18 years around the world can be considered as obese. This largely refers to a wide spectrum of problems with excessive weight associated issues from mild to morbidly obese patients, especially those who do not positively respond to conventional methods like diet control including exercise programs for weight loss. Bariatric surgery is in fact a boon offering respite to such patients as their healthcare solution. Weight loss surgery is perhaps the only method for these people through which they can successfully achieve long-term weight loss.

  • Childhood Obesity & Obesity Associated Issues

Incidence of childhood obesity is also on the rise due to the change in lifestyle relating with the modern world. Complications related to obesity include cardiovascular diseases which were a leading cause of death in the past few years. Other healthcare problems which are associated with obesity include musculoskeletal disorders, diabetes & some cancers colon, breast & endometrial. In case obesity is not addressed properly, all of these can heavily compound on an individual’s medical condition.

Weight Loss Surgery in India

Gastric Bypass Surgery in India is economically beneficial & the quality of weight loss procedures is at par with the best in the world. Offering the best of bariatric surgery, undergoing weight loss procedures in the Indian subcontinent is a great option international patients should consider for resolving their problems with obesity.

Travcure Medical Tourism is Associated with the Best Bariatric Surgeons

As part of the Indian healthcare industry, Travcure is closely associated with gastroenterologists & top bariatric surgeons & best world class accredited hospitals in India featuring state-of-the-art integrated hi-tech facilities. Travcure is well aware of the problems obese patients face & understand their doubts, anxieties & cost concerns. Expert team of healthcare professionals at Travcure will assist & evaluate the patients’ medical requirements in order to give them the most affordable & competitive quote to deal with their problems concerning obesity. Travcure medical tourism in fact promises a harmonious & hassle-free experience bought together by several diverse elements which include a healthy mix of the best treatment, facilities & affordability. Combine this with an exotic recuperative vacation with a friend at reasonable costs, your medical journey to India for low-cost bariatric surgery can well turn out to be a memorable experience.

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