Innovative and Efficient Novalis TX Radiosurgery in India

Novalis TX Radiosurgery – An Overview

Novalis TX Radiosurgery is an advanced radiation therapy system that is used in the effective treatment of tumors and certain cancers.

This is an innovative and highly-advanced form of radiosurgery which involves using a precise beam of energy, which is shaped to match the shape of the tumor. This allows a more accurate radiation therapy which is advantageous in many ways as compared to the traditional radiation therapy treatments for cancer.

The Novalis TX system is a comprehensive radiotherapy device that can rotate around the patient’s body to target a tumor anywhere within the body.

How is Novalis TX Radiosurgery Effective for Cancer?

The Novalis TX Radiosurgery therapy has been used to treat various cancers of the brain, spine, etc.

The types of brain tumors that are treated effectively with Novalis TX are:

  • Gliomas
  • Craniopharyngiomas
  • Pediatric brain tumors
  • Skull-based meningiomas
  • Recurring brain cancer
  • Other cancers spread to the brain

These are the other types of tumors that are successfully treated with Novalis TX Radiosurgery:

Other medical disorders treated with Novalis TX Radiosurgery are:

  • Seizures
  • Parkinson’s disease 

What are the benefits and advantages of Novalis TX Radiosurgery?

The Novalis TX Radiosurgery is one of the most modern and advanced radiation therapy procedures available today. This is a completely non-invasive cancer treatment method that uses a precise beam of energy to target the tumor accurately and destroy the cancerous cells so as to treat cancer and prevent it from recurring.

These are some of the more specific advantages of the Novalis TX Radiosurgery:

Precision radiotherapy:

This system uses an advanced computer system for imaging. This allows the device to shape the beam of the laser to match that of the tumor precisely. This highly-innovative radiation treatment therapy also adapts to the patient’s breathing and other body movements.

The tumor-shaped beam of radiation allows:

  • Best possible treatment dose for complete tumor
  • Protection of surrounding healthy tissues
  • Safe, accurate and total radiation treatment

The Novalis TX Radiosurgery device is equipped with a totally movable radiation beam and an adjustable bed which allows for various combinations to reach only the cancerous area.

Faster Radiotherapy:

Due to the highly precise nature of the Novalis TX Radiosurgery method, the cancer treatment can be done more efficiently and faster as compared to other traditional radiotherapy methods.

This advanced radiosurgery technique can take around 15-20 minutes for a treatment session and is more comfortable than other radiotherapy treatments.

Bespoke Cancer Therapy:

Due to the advanced technology used in the Novalis TX Radiosurgery system, it can be used to provide a large number of treatments for various disorders. This ensures that the patient gets the best-suited treatment for their individual case.

Novalis TX is far more precise and accurate in its radiation treatment method than other radiotherapy methods which allow for efficient and effective powerful doses of radiation to be delivered for destroying the tumor completely. This radiation therapy method allows for precise radiosurgery even in the deeper parts of the body such as the brain.

At times, previously untreatable tumors have also been effective and successfully treated with Novalis TX Radiosurgery.

Comfortable and Non-Invasive Treatment:

In traditional radiotherapy treatment methods, the patient needs to wear a head and neck brace/frame in order to keep the head still and unmoving during the radiation treatment. The Novalis TX Radiosurgery, with its highly-mobile energy-beam, rids the patient of wearing a bulky brace or frame.

In most cases, the patient will not feel any pain and the treatment does not require anesthesia. Although every patient responds uniquely to the treatment, the patients are able to return to normal everyday activities faster after this radiotherapy treatment.

How to choose between Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Fractioned Radiotherapy?

A stereotactic radiosurgery aims to complete the treatment in a single session and thus uses high doses of radiation energy, while the fractioned radiotherapy is performed in several sessions (in fractions) over a period of a few weeks or months.

Both the radiotherapy techniques involve similar amount of radiation dose, the difference being that the fractioned radiotherapy delivers the dose in small fractions while the stereotactic radiosurgery technique delivers the dose in one sitting.

Novalis TX can be used to perform a stereotactic radiosurgery as well as a fractioned radiotherapy. The choice of surgery will mainly be made by the oncologists and cancer specialists depending on various factors.

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