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Nagpur (MH) India, Sept 19th, 2015 Medical tourism in India is poised to grow by about 30% every year. With an elaborate international quality hi-tech infrastructure in place to assist a large pool of well trained physicians & surgeons, India is an undisputed global leader providing excellent cost-considerate medical solutions for patients from all around the world. Government of India has added impetus to the medical tourism sector by easing visa restrictions for medical tourists. Moreover, most facilitators also help patients conveniently access doctors & discuss medical problems before flying into India for treatments. Heart Bypass surgery which could easily cost somewhere around $35,000 in the US can be done in India for as cheap as about $6,000 without compromising on quality. Medical treatment costs in India are down-to-earth & the cheapest compared to anywhere in the world. In fact, most patients can add in an exotic, recuperativevacation alongside treatment and still save money than having to avail medical solutions in another country. Alongside meditation, Ayurveda detoxification treatments like ‘Panchakarma’ in the southern state of Kerala, has especially taken the fancy of foreigners mostly coming from the developed western countries. Travcure is a recently launched start-up company coming into the Indian medical tourism sector. Rapidly advancing from strength to strength, it has collaborated with several renowned hospitals within the country. Beginning from central India, it has fast established &expanded association with strategic healthcare facilities in various cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, & Kochi. These hospitals are NABH & ISO certified &lead by some of the best doctors in the country. The facilities & faculty of these hospitals are at par with many of their counterparts in the west. Travcure intends passing on most cost competitive benefits of treating in India to their international patients. While making them feel-at-home, Travcure services effectively take care of every medical tourist needs, including minute details. The company at present is largely catering to patients coming from Africa, USA & the Middle East. Commanding a dedicated team of highly trained professionals, Travcure is all set to make a mark in the Indian medical tourism industry by bringing in new innovative global trends. Travcure Medical Tourism Pvt. Ltd. 205. Himalaya Paradise, Civil Lines, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India - 440001 Mobile: +91-8600044116, +91-8055991233, +1-631-527-1137 (U.S.) +44-560-384-5799 (U.K.) Mail: Web:
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