Kaposi Sarcoma Cancer Treatments in India are Highly Affordable

Cancer ranks as the third leading cause of death in Kenya and about seven percent of the total national mortality every year. In a total of about 28,000 annual cancer cases, mortality rates are almost 22,000. Moreover, almost 60 percent of these cancers happen in people below 70 years of age. This rapid rise in cancer cases in Kenya has resulted from overexposure to risk factors like alcohol and tobacco consumption alongside exposure to environmental carcinogens. Incidentally, in combination with infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS has contributed to a growing number of Kenyans suffering from Kaposi sarcoma and lymphomas.

Kaposi Sarcoma Cancer Treatments in India


What is Kaposi Sarcoma?

Is largely found to occur among people living in the African continent. Sometimes also known as African Kaposi Sarcoma, this disease is more common among Africans than in people from other parts of the world. Weakening of the immune system along with chronic infection and malnutrition is found to be a factor contributing development of this disease. Kaposi sarcoma mostly occurs in young people below 40 years of age, including children before puberty.


Kaposi Sarcoma Cancer Treatment Options

Kaposi Sarcoma Cancer Treatments options are more effective nowadays as doctors better understand the causes of the disease. However, choice of the treatment option for an individual is based upon the function of immune system along with the size, location and number of Kaposi sarcoma lesions. Presence and severity of any other health problem in the patient may restrict some treatment options in some cases. Following are some of the treatment options for Kaposi sarcoma patients.

  • Surgery for Kaposi Sarcoma – Surgery options for Kaposi sarcoma patients include simple excision, curettage, electrodesiccation and cryosurgery. However, drawback of surgery for Kaposi sarcoma is that lesions might recur in the same place and the wound may take several weeks to heal following operation.
  • Radiation Therapy for Kaposi Sarcoma – External beam radiation therapy is generally utilized for treating lesions of Kaposi sarcoma. Like surgery, radiation therapy is a local treatment for Kaposi sarcoma Radiation therapy is also useful for treating Kaposi sarcoma lesions located in the mouth or throat region. In some cases of Kaposi sarcoma, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are given at the same time.
  • Chemotherapy for Kaposi Sarcoma – Chemotherapy is a systemic treatment option which is also utilized in treatment of Kaposi sarcoma. Chemotherapy is very useful in treatment of cancer which has spread to other parts of the body. Chemotherapy drugs are either orally administered or through a vein. Through the bloodstream chemotherapy drugs reach all areas of the body.
  • Immunotherapy for Kaposi Sarcoma – Also known as biologic therapy, immunotherapy utilizes chemicals which can help the immune system of the patient attack Kaposi sarcoma cancerous cells. Immunotherapy drugs work by activating the patient’s immune system and preventing abnormal cells from reproducing. However, immunotherapy treatments can take several months or more time to show response.


Cancer Treatment in India is Highly Affordable

Cancer treatment in India is an excellent opportunity for overseas patients seeking good quality of affordable healthcare solutions in foreign countries. While quality of cancer treatment in India is comparable with the best that is available within the developed Western countries, the same is available for just a fraction of the costs which is required to pay there. In fact, international patients seeking cancer treatments in India can save almost 70 percent of their money by undergoing medical procedures here.

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