LANAP Dental Surgery

LANAP surgery is a laser periodontal treatment procedure which is designed for dental treatments through regeneration rather than resection. This is a protocol which designed to effectively deal with infection, inflammation, occlusion, osseous component & tooth mobility as well. LANAP is a simple but elegant protocol which has over the years built patient confidence in favor of periodontal regeneration. Acceptance of LANAP surgery has, in fact, introduced a treatment option which more & more patients are willing to accept nowadays. The wavelength of LANAP laser light is made to target infected or diseased pocket tissue around teeth & away from the underlying connective tissue. Necrotic epithelium this way is stripped from connective tissue at histological levels. Moreover, since LANAP laser energy is quite selective for diseased tissue, it is able to spare the underlying connective tissue & thereby is able to permit healing & regeneration instead of forming pocket seals by lengthy junctions of epithelium.

LANAP Surgery Procedure

Normally completed in two visits to the dental clinic, LANAP surgery can also be completed in one sitting if desired. Each sitting is however of 2 hours duration. Then there is a postoperative evaluation appointment after one week followed by a post-op supragingival prophylaxis after 30 days of time. Following this, it is ideal that supportive periodontal therapy to be performed every 3 months during which the patients are closely monitored. Subsequently, postoperative annual evaluation is performed & which includes full-mouth radiography & full periodontal probing. Phase two dentistry can now be initiated after it has been confirmed that the patient’s dental condition is stable. Normally, no restorative work which could disturb periodontal tissue is done during the first year except for caries control & temporization. Generally, it is probing & subgingival cleaning which is discouraged. However, since several patients indicated for this procedure had avoided dentistry for years, it is found that they often require some type of dentistry before undergoing LANAP surgery. This is more so because they will not be able to undergo any restorative treatments for a full year following LANAP surgery. Direct restorations in such cases are placed as required. In other cases where indirect restorations are indicated, temporaries are generally placed as final restorations will eventually be placed at a later point of time.

LANAP Trained Dental Surgeons

Training in LANAP is a comprehensive, yearlong, hands-on, live patient program which dentists undergo in order to ensure that they can deliver safe & effective LANAP technique treatments. Focused on safety & efficacy in LANAP protocol, dentists are certified to utilize this technique upon completion. At the end of the course which goes through 5 evolutionary courses, dentists would have achieved highest levels of clinical, hands-on, live patient training in one of the most advanced laser dentistry techniques available today.

Acceptance of LANAP Surgery

LANAP is acceptable for both, patients who have avoided traditional dental treatment procedure & patients who have experienced traditional dental surgery in the past. People who understand & are comfortable with laser treatments like LASIK for eyes will find LANAP equally interesting along with people who are seeking alternatives to traditional surgery procedures. Laser treatment for periodontal diseases is a viable option in such cases.

LANAP Surgery Outcomes

Immediate postoperative effects of LANAP surgery are minimal discomfort along with shrinkage of swollen & puffy gums & reduction of bleeding. Tissues feel & look much healthier following LANAP treatment since not cut & sew procedures are involved so as to cause injuries to native tissues. Recession, which is normally associated with traditional dental surgery is also absent. As a result, people undergoing LANAP do not have teeth which appear longer or root sensitivity as such.

Moreover, LANAP surgery allows for best aesthetics due to ideal crown-to-root ratio & natural appearing gingival contours. Eventually, this makes periodontal maintenance & cosmetic dentistry far more ideal for the patient. Put together, LANAP is meant to lead to long-term success, appearance & health of periodontal patients following this treatment. Even patients who were earlier fearful of dentistry have been found to continue dental care because of laser techniques like LANAP surgery. After undergoing LANAP most patients, in fact, realize as to how much dentistry has changed over the years. LANAP offers great inspiration for such people to continue dental care.

LANAP Surgery at Reasonable Costs

India offers an excellent opportunity for international patients who are worried about the rising costs of healthcare all around the world. India features an extensive network of some of the top doctors in the world along with the best internationally accredited hospital facilities. Moreover, the cost of medical procedures in India in comparison with availability in other healthcare destinations across the globe is just a fraction of what overseas patients would have to pay there. In fact, patients willing to cross borders for healthcare will be able to save substantial amounts of money by undergoing medical treatments including advanced procedures LANAP dental surgery in India. Travcure Medical Tourism offers a wide spectrum of affordable dental treatment packages which can sensibly be combined with your touristic activities in India.

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