Laser Surgery for Hemorrhoids/Piles

Hemorrhoids/Piles – An Overview

Hemorrhoids (or piles) are caused as a result of the rectal blood vessels becoming swollen. The hemorrhoidal veins, located in the lowest region of the anus and rectum, may become inflamed and result in the walls of the vein to become thin and stretched which gets more irritated when passing bowels.

What are the types of Hemorrhoids/Piles?

There are mainly two types of hemorrhoids/piles:

Internal Hemorrhoids – These are located sufficiently inside the rectum so as not to be felt from the outside. There are very few nerves inside the rectum and hence they are usually painless and bleeding is mostly the only symptom that signifies this type of hemorrhoid.

Certain internal hemorrhoids can also become excessively large and protrude from the anal sphincter. In this case, the hemorrhoids can be felt clearly as this area of the anus is filled with pain-sensing nerves. Usually, this type of protruding hemorrhoid may go back inside the rectum on its own after some time, or in case they don’t, they can be manually pushed back by the doctor.

External Hemorrhoids – These types of hemorrhoids are present within the anus and are mostly painful. In case the hemorrhoids shift, or prolapse, they can protrude from the anus and are visible from the outside.

These can become quite painful in case they become excessively inflamed or irritated and would require a medical treatment to relieve the pain being caused by this condition.

What are the causes of Hemorrhoids/Piles?

Although the exact cause for the occurrence of hemorrhoids/piles is not yet known, doctors have been able to determine that a person with weak veins is more likely to acquire hemorrhoids/piles.

Extreme and constant abdominal pressure has also been identified as a major contributing factor towards the development of hemorrhoids or piles. These can be caused by:

  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Prolonged sitting or standing
  • Straining excessively while passing bowels
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Vomiting

What are the signs and symptoms of Hemorrhoids/Piles?

Although hemorrhoids cause visibly noticeable symptoms, there are cases where no sign may be seen of a hemorrhoid.

These are the commonly signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids/piles:

  • Pain/discomfort around anus
  • Pink and moist pads of tissue can be seen protruding from the anus (blue or purple colored)
  • Anal bleeding

It is advisable to consult a doctor immediately in case any of these symptoms are seen so as to prevent the condition from worsening as well as to relieve you of the existing symptoms.

How are Hemorrhoid/Piles diagnosed?

Hemorrhoids/piles are usually diagnosed with an internal physical examination with the help of fingers or an anoscope (device that lets the doctor get a clear view of the troubled area in the anus), or a proctoscope (similar to anoscope but gives more detailed view of the anus).

What is a Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery?

A laser surgery for treatment of hemorrhoids (or piles) is one of the most innovative, modern and effective method of treatments available today. This treatment method is employed in case the other alternative treatment methods have failed to treat the hemorrhoids or in case the doctor feels that a surgical treatment is the best-suited treatment method for that particular case.

Laser surgery for hemorrhoids (or piles) is an effective surgery for external piles that are not too large in size. This treatment method aims to cauterize (seal) the end of the hemorrhoid so as to close it and help shrink and eventually get removed naturally. The laser surgery uses an intense beam of very sharp-focused laser light that is more accurate and precise than even a scalpel in a surgeon’s hands.

This procedure is increasingly becoming popular as it is:

  • Almost painless
  • An outpatient procedure so no hospital stay after surgery
  • A safer procedure compared to other alternate cauterization techniques
  • Able to ensure less bleeding with precise movement of the laser
  • Safer than other procedures in the sense it does not cause collateral damage to the surrounding tissue
  • An adjustable treatment that can alter the size of the laser beam to work on a larger area of the body
  • Easier for the surgeon to perform
  • Faster in recovery from the surgery

There are several drawbacks that are noticed about the laser surgery treatment for hemorrhoid (or piles), such as:

  • The laser device used for this treatment is costly to operate
  • Special protective eyewear is required while performing this treatment

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