Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment of Levoscoliosis in the Spine


What is Levoscoliosis?

Levoscoliosis is a type of scoliosis. In scoliosis, the spine gets deformed and an abnormal curvature in the spine can be seen. When scoliosis causes a part of the spine to bend to the left this condition is known as Levoscoliosis.

Levoscoliosis is mostly seen in the lumbar (lower) spinal region. This condition is called Lumbar Levoscoliosis.

What are the causes of Levoscoliosis of the Lumbar Spine?

The exact cause of Levoscoliosis of the lumbar spine is as of yet unknown although most cases tend to be developments due to scoliosis in general. In many congenital (birth) Levoscoliosis cases the spine tends to correct the abnormal curvature as the child grows. However, if certain other medical condition (such as muscular dystrophy) are present these may also cause the symptoms.

What are the signs and symptoms of Levoscoliosis of the Lumbar Spine?

In most of the milder cases the patient may not experience any kind of symptom. In cases where the abnormal spinal curve is quite significant the patient faces problems in performing daily activities such as bending down, walking, etc. Pain is also seen in many cases of Levoscoliosis of lumbar spine.

If the spine is curved to the left in an abnormal manner then the opposite hip bone may be comparatively higher also. The lungs are affected due to compression on the thoracic (chest) region. This may cause breathlessness.

How is Levoscoliosis of Lumbar Spine diagnosed?

Initially Levoscoliosis of lumbar spine can be done through a complete physical examination of the spine and the hips as well as checking the medical history along with it.

The orthopedic specialist or the doctor may also perform additional diagnostic tests to confirm the diagnosis. A computerized tomography (CT) scan or a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test can help determine the extent of damage to the soft tissues and organs in the chest and in the back.

How is Levoscoliosis of Lumbar Spine treated?

In mild cases of Levoscoliosis there is no treatment required mostly and the condition heals itself as the body grows. In case the spinal deformity is significant using a scoliosis brace can help correct the posture in many cases. This is most ideal if the patient is in the growing stages.

Although exercising may not prevent scoliosis from progressing it can certainly help strengthen the muscles in the back that support the spine.

If the Levoscoliosis of the lumbar spine causes disability due to the severely abnormal spine curvature and the presence of a spinal tumor is detected then surgery combined with another accompanying treatment is mostly recommended.

Surgical treatment of Levoscoliosis of lumbar spine is recommended mostly in case the curvature of the spine is more than 45 degrees. Even if the surgery does not correct the curve completely it can reduce the difference in a significant manner. This helps to perform extensive physical therapy which can assist in living a normal life again.

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