Ligament Surgery

ligament-surgeryThe ligaments are one of the most crucial supporting and strengthening parts of the skeletal structure as well as the joints in the body. A severe trauma (injury) or certain medical disorders can cause damage to the ligaments that causes pain and disability in the affected ligament. This requires a ligament reconstruction surgery to correct it. Ligament surgery in India is performed by the most experienced and well-trained surgeons and specialists to ensure that every patient gets the best and most efficient treatment for a ligament injury.

How Ligament Surgery works?

A ligament surgery works by repairing, or reconstructing, the injured (torn) ligaments in the body. These ligaments are very essential in supporting and providing strength to the various joints in the body. Ligaments are responsible for connecting bones to other bones in the joints. These ligaments act as supports to the joint bones and allow controlled movements as well. A ligament in the body may get damaged due to an injury occurring during sports, accident or several medical disorders. The amount of damage determines if the ligaments can be reattached or will require reconstruction to treat it. These are the different grades that an injured ligament is awarded to determine the severity of the injury to it: Grade 1 Sprains – In this the ligament is mildly damaged and is slightly stretched. This is a mild injury and the stability of the joint is not affected. Grade 2 Sprains – In this the ligament is stretched extensively and becomes loose and is also known as ‘partial tear’ of the ligament. Grade 3 Sprains – This is the most severe form of ligament injury and causes the ligament to get completely torn. This results in the dislodging of the ligament and the joint becomes completely unstable. An injury to different and multiple ligaments are often seen and can be serious in their complications. Torn ligaments can affect blood supply to the limbs. Nerves are also at risk of damage due to a severe torn ligament. A ligament surgery aims to restore the connection between completely torn ligaments or reattach the partially torn ligaments to restore strength and mobility.

Ligament Surgery procedures

A ligament surgery is one of the major types of surgical procedures and requires the patient to be under the influence of general anesthesia for the duration of the surgery. The surgeon may also opt for a spinal anesthetic in suitable cases that will numb your nerves. In case the ligament is partially torn (as seen in Grade 1 & 2 ligament injuries) the surgeon will most probably use sutures/staples to reattach the torn portion and restore the function in the injured ligament. In case the ligament is injured with Grade 3 type of ligament injury the surgeon will mostly advise a tissue graft to replace the torn ligament. Tissues (grafts) can be either harvested from your body (known as autografts) or they can be taken from a donor (known as allograft) to replace the severely damaged ligament. The surgeon will suggest the best kind of graft tissue to you before the surgery itself. These are the tissues that can be used to replace the torn ligament:
  • Patellar tendon – This tendon runs from the bottom of your knee cap to the upper part of the shin bone at the front of the knee. A strip of patellar tendon can be used as ligament replacement.
  • Hamstring tendon – These tendons are situated at the back and inner side of the knee up till your thighs and can be used to replace damaged ligaments.
  • Allograft (donor tissue) – This is either a patellar tendon or Achilles’ tendon taken from a donor.
  • Synthetic graft – This is an artificially made tubular structure that is similar in function to a ligament.
The surgeon/doctor will make you aware of the best kind of graft that is suitable in your individual case before beginning the surgery. Most ligament surgeries today are performed by a minimally invasive surgical method known as ‘arthroscopy’. An arthroscope is a thin and flexible tube-like device that has a light-source and a video camera attached to its end. This requires very small (keyhole) incisions to be inserted at the surgical site inside the body to determine the exact location and severity of the damage to the ligament. The arthroscope allows the surgeon to get a better and clear view of the internal injury on a video display monitor. The surgeon will make a few additional keyhole incisions to insert tiny surgical instruments through them to perform the required surgical procedure. These tiny instruments are then used by the surgeon to remove the damaged ligament and replace it with the selected graft tissue.

Who is a candidate for Ligament Surgery?

An ideal candidate for a ligament surgery must:
  • Be active enough to warrant it
  • Be ready to follow certain changes in lifestyle after surgery
  • Not have any other medical condition that may put you at risk of further complications

Benefits of Ligament Surgery in India

A ligament surgery is one of the major types of surgery as the strength and movement ability of the joint depends on its success. There are many benefits of having your ligament surgery in India. The orthopedic specialty hospitals and clinics in India are well-equipped with the most advanced and modern surgical instruments available today. These hospitals and clinics maintain the highest standards of quality regarding treatment and nursing. India offers the best and most affordable ligament surgery option in the world.

Complication associated with Ligament Surgery

As is seen in any type of major surgery there are certain risks and complications that are seen in very few cases. These are:
  • Infection
  • Blood clot
  • Pain at surgery site
  • Weakness/stiffness at the joint

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