Lip Reduction Surgery: Efficient and Affordable Treatment in India

What is Lip Reduction Surgery?

A lip reduction surgery is a cosmetic surgery that aims to make overfull lips thinner ad look more attractive and desirable. This is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries worldwide and is especially popular amongst women. Overfull lips can often be the cause of self-consciousness and awkwardness in socializing as they may feel uncomfortable to you or they may be causing problems with eating and speaking. A lip reduction surgery is helpful in reducing the size of the lips in order to make them appear more normal and also to help correct any problems being caused by them in eating or speaking. Overly large lips are usually a result of a congenital condition or they may be caused by genetic conditions. The major aim of the lip reduction surgery is to redefine the abnormalities and reduce the size of the lips in order to balance the volume and protrusion of the upper and lower lips. Lip reduction surgery is mostly performed in combination with other cosmetic procedures such as a rhinoplasty, chin augmentation or jaw augmentation with implants.

Advantages of Lip Reduction surgery

The main advantage of a lip reduction surgery is the new shape and size of the lips helps you get a fresh and attractive look. The extra large lips are reduced to a considerable extent and the results can be seen almost immediately. The complete result may take around 2-3 months to show. This surgery offers a permanent solution for correcting abnormally large lips. This surgery helps you to get slimmer and prettier lips while also offering a young ad sensual look as well as creating harmony in the facial profile. This is a comparatively faster procedure and requires very less time (around 1 hour) to get completed and also leaves no visible scarring.

Lip Reduction Surgery procedure?

The lip reduction surgery is a purely cosmetic form of surgical procedure. It involves removing excess tissue from the lips and around it. It requires local anesthesia normally, although oral sedation is often used to provide extra comfort and ease while the procedure. The surgeon will make tiny incisions inside the mouth in the lips which helps to reduce scarring. The surgeon will then need to remove the excess skin and tissue from inside the lips. After this, the surgeon will simply close the incisions using small and dissolvable sutures. This procedure can take from 1-2 hours and is mostly performed as an outpatient procedure.

Low Cost Lip Reduction Surgery in India

India is home to one of the largest networks of cosmetic specialty hospitals and clinics that have the highest-standards of quality. These hospitals and clinics are spread across all major Indian cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. These cosmetic hospitals and clinics are managed by teams of highly-experienced and extensively-trained doctors and specialists. It is now a well-known fact that you can get the best and low cost lip reduction surgery in India.

Why choose Travcure for Lip Reduction Surgery in India?

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