Gastric Sleeve Surgery Help in Weight Loss: Read How?


What is Gastric Sleeve surgery?

A gastric sleeve surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) is a surgical method for weight loss for morbid obesity. Instead of using complicated steps of duodenal switch and gastric bypass this is a more simple kind of procedure which restricts the size of your stomach and thus reduces the amount of food-intake which results in dramatic weight-loss in obese persons.

Why do I need Gastric Sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is recommended for obese people, who have not had success in losing weight through the other methods of weight loss such as dieting, medicines and exercise. Gastric sleeve surgery is usually recommended for people whose Body Mass Index (BMI) is above 40 and the obesity is suspected to cause further medical disorders. It is important to remember that gastric sleeve surgery is not the ‘solution’ for weight loss rather it  is the ‘tool’ that helps you lose weight through reducing your diet and regular physical exercise.

What happens in a Gastric Sleeve surgery?

There are basically two types of surgical methods to perform a gastric sleeve procedure – Open type surgery and Laparoscopic surgery. In both these methods the main aim is to remove a major portion of your stomach from the lower end to reduce the size and capacity of your stomach. This leaves the stomach vastly reduced and in a ‘banana-shape’. Surgical staples are used to keep the new, and smaller, stomach in shape. This is an irreversible surgical procedure as the major portion of your stomach is completely removed from your abdomen. [free_quotes_and_consultation]

How does the Gastric Sleeve surgery help in weight loss?

The gastric sleeve surgical procedure makes the stomach significantly smaller and as a result your food intake capacity also becomes significantly less after the surgery. This less food intake eventually helps your body to lose weight.

Are there any risks or complications associated with Gastric Sleeve surgery?

As with any major surgery there are chances of risks of infection or internal bleeding (hemorrhage) but the doctor will prescribe antibiotics and blood coagulants to reduce or remove this risk completely. Apart from these, you might face problems due to poor nutrition caused when the larger intestine processes the food quickly into the smaller intestine, called the ‘dumping syndrome’. Certain minerals and vitamins might not get absorbed due to the smaller size of the stomach. The doctor will prescribe the most efficient medicines and diet plan to counter this problem. The gastric sleeve (sleeve gastrectomy) procedure is nowadays considered to be the best from the other gastric procedures. This procedure is less expensive and the patient faces fewer complications. There are better results for weight loss due to this surgery. This simpler procedure does not rearrange your gastric or digestive system and is more of a restrictive kind of procedure. More and more patients are opting for a gastric sleeve procedure as compared to all the other gastric weight-loss surgical procedures. [free_quotes_and_consultation]
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