What is Deep Brain Stimulation?

deepbrainsimulationDeep Brain Stimulation or DBS is an ideal technique to functionally modulate a variety of nuclei within the brain like thalamus or globuspallidus, or the sub-thalamic nucleus without structurally altering or destroying brain tissue. Treatment involves a surgical procedure which is used to implant a pacemaker-like device within brain which distributes electrical signals to areas governing body movement. Electrodes are placed deep inside brain during surgery & which are connected to a stimulator cum battery device. This neuro-stimulator, like the heart-pacemaker, sends electric pulses to help regulate activity within the brain as & when required. This can be an effective option for patients with movement disorders whose symptoms are not ably controlled by medications. Successful DBS surgeries allow patients reduce medications, better manage symptoms & improve quality of life.

With help of DBS surgery, electrodes are placed on both the left & right side of the brain. This process involves drilling small holes on top of the skull to facilitate the procedure. The choice of specific areas within brain to place these electrodes, depend upon the type of symptoms to be treated. These electrodes get connected by extension wires passing under skin down to the neck where a battery powered neuro-stimulator is placed under skin in the chest area. This stimulator will eventually send electrical pulses so as to block faulty nerve signals causing rigidity, tremors & other movement disorder symptoms when turned on.

Deep Brain Stimulation for Movement Disorders

DBS surgery is your best option especially when quality of life is no longer acceptable even after optimal medical therapy for movement disorders. Although DBS is a relatively complex procedure requiring regular follow-up & battery changes in 3 – 4 years, it is an ideal alternative for patients suffering from Parkinsons Disease, Dystonia, Meige Syndrome & Essential Tremor.


Advantages & Risks of Deep Brain Stimulation

Although less than 1 percent of the patients experience stroke after DBS surgery; this is normally caused by bleeding in the brain after operations. Effects of stroke generally include loss of speech, paralysis, coma or death. Other serious complications may include movement of electrode or generator, malfunction of stimulator or infection. Any of these problems call for removal of all or part of deep brain stimulation system.

The benefits of deep brain stimulation (DBS) however, outweigh risks. Advantages of DBS include –

  • Effective & safer than ablative surgical procedures
  • Fewer long-term complications than traditional surgery
  • Stimulator can be adjusted as per specific needs of patients
  • Reversible nature of DBS allows options of future alternative surgery procedures

Low Cost Deep Brain Stimulation in India

Neurosurgery in India is high in quality & quite affordable when compared with similar procedures anywhere else in the world. Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants associated Deep Brain Stimulation Surgeons are renowned & some of the best in the world. Their exposure to latest technologies in western countries like the UK & USA has given them global stature & wider experience. DBS hospitals in India are well equipped thereby enhancing the scope of positive neurosurgical treatments in the country. Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants is your reliant health partner which bring together the best DBS specialists & hospitals as an ideal affordable solutions to movement disorders for people from all around the world.

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