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What is a Mammaplasty?

A mammaplasty is also known as ‘mammoplasty’ or ‘mastoplasty’ and refers to a number of surgical procedures that are performed with the aim to reshape or modify breasts in order to improve their appearance. There are basically two types of mammaplasty procedure:

Augmentation mammoplasty

This mammaplasty procedure is performed to increase the size, modify the shape as well as improve the texture of breasts. It may involve fixing a breast implant. This is mostly a cosmetic procedure done when the woman wishes for larger breast size, mainly after a mastectomy (breast removal) procedure.

Reduction mammoplasty

This procedure is usually performed to decrease the size, change the shape as well as improve the texture of the breasts to the patient’s preference. It involves removing portions of the breast tissues. This is mostly performed as a reconstructive procedure following a mastectomy (breast removal) procedure.

What is a Mammaplasty procedure?

Both types of mammaplasty procedures share certain procedural techniques. Let us take a look at how an augmentation mammaplasty and reduction mammaplasty is performed:

Augmentation mammaplasty

This procedure is performed to increase the size and improve the shape of the breasts. There are various reasons for choosing a breast augmentation (augmentation mammaplasty) by a woman. Some may feel that their breasts are too small in size, some may desire augmentation after a pregnancy resulted in loose breasts or to correct asymmetric breasts. Most breast augmentation procedures involve breast implants that are placed under or over the chest muscles. The incision may be made in the armpit, areola or the lower breast fold. Mostly these procedures are performed in a minimally invasive manner with smaller sized and fewer number of incisions. Augmentation mammaplasty is also done with the help of an endoscope. Breast implants are silicone shells filled with either saline solution or silicone gel and come in various sizes. Mostly, breast implants with saline solution are generally used in breast augmentation procedures. The augmentation procedure involves the cosmetic surgeon making incisions in either the armpit, areola or under the breast fold. The surgeon will then shift the underlying muscles and other tissues from the chest area. This space that has been created will be used to fix the breast implant device. The implant is fixed either under the chest muscles or over them, according to the surgeon’s discretion.


Breast reduction

This surgery is advised for women with large and heavy breasts who suffer from neck pain or back pain as well as weakness or numbness due to the weight of the breasts. The surgeon will remove excess skin and tissues from the breast during this procedure. In cases where large portion of breast tissues need to removed and the nipple has to be grafted into a new position the women may feel loss of sensation and trouble with breastfeeding. A breast reduction procedure offers relief from painful symptoms caused by oversize breasts. Another form of breast procedure is known as ‘breast reconstruction’.

Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgical procedure is mostly performed after a breast cancer surgery and is used to reshape the breasts according to the patient’s desires. This procedure involves giving a new shape and contour to the woman’s breast. It involves recreating the areola and the nipple. However this procedure cannot recreate normal breast functions such as breastfeeding and the sensations in the breast is also affected to a large extent if the sensory nerves and the milk glands have been removed as part of the breast cancer surgery (mastectomy). The surgeon might use implants or the patient’s own tissues to improve the shape and appearance of the breasts in this procedure. The tissue may be harvested from either, the lower abdomen, back muscle and skin as well as fat and muscles from the buttocks.

Why choose India for Mammaplasty procedure?

India has a vast network of cosmetic specialty hospitals and clinics that are spread in all the major cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. These cosmetic hospitals and clinics are equipped with the most modern and high-tech surgical instruments to ensure that the patient gets the best treatment and surgery.

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