Goa – 7th January, 2016 There are millions of people who are afflicted with one form or the other of a hip condition that makes it a hindrance in performing regular everyday activities. These hip conditions can be painful and severely disabling that can be a cause of constant discomfort and lesser mobility. There are […]

Nagpur – 6th January 2016 Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants have been at the forefront of successful spinal surgeries in India for patients coming from all over the world. In another such successful endeavor, Travcure is proud to announce the successful spine surgery for Mrs. Margaret Ailuelohia, a 61-year old Nigerian citizen, for severe lumbar canal […]

Delhi – 5th January 2016 – A coronary condition is one of the more serious medical disorders that affect a person. A severe kind of coronary (heart) condition or disorder may need immediate medical and surgical care. Millions of people are affected with one or the other form of heart disorders. The most common type […]

December 9, 2015: The ‘World Patient Safety Day’ is celebrated on the 9th of December every year to spread awareness about the most basic principles of health care – safety of the patient during healthcare procedures. This is a public awareness campaign held at the global level. Patient safety implies the care and precautions that […]

In case of a coronary artery getting blocked it becomes necessary to make an alternative path for the blood to reach the heart, this is done through the cardio surgery known as a coronary artery bypass surgery. It is also known as the coronary artery bypass graft surgery (or CABG). In this the doctor will […]

9 Nov 2015: Lung Cancer Awareness Month is a good opportunity to make others aware of this more common and deadly type of cancer. Lung Cancer is also known as carcinoma of the lung and pulmonary carcinoma by the medical fraternity. This cancer is a metastasizing type, which means that it can spread from the […]

10 Nov 2015: This is the time for spreading awareness regarding Premature Births. Premature babies are termed when the delivery occurs within 37 weeks of pregnancy. These premature babies are very fragile and a lot of precautions and care is necessary to ensure healthy infancy. Doctors believe premature babies are at a greater risk of […]

Cosmetic rhinoplasty is very useful in making you look more attractive. It is also a good option to correct any deformity or breathing problem occurring due to a physical disorder of the nasal cavity. Hospitals in India that specialize in cosmetic rhinoplasty are numerous in numbers. Cosmetic rhinoplasty is basically used to treat skin cancer […]

Duodenal Switch Surgery is a type of weight loss surgery that is carried out as an alternative to the regular bypass surgery. Here the Duodenal or Gastric reduction switch is carried out wherein the stomach size is reduced and it is bypassed to the small intestine to reduce the food intake as well as the […]

Mumbai (MH) India, October 21st, 2015 Cosmetic surgery in India has witnessed a great leap in recent years mainly due to its surprising benefits & of course due to advancing medical facilities in India at a cost effective price tag. Furthermore, number of cosmetic clinics with state-of-the-art facilities in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Goa, […]

With advent of convenient travel across borders, global medical tourism effectively provides respite from rising cost of healthcare in developed countries. Escalating costs of healthcare solutions in these countries drove prime medical treatment beyond the reach of common man. Countries around the world, especially across Asia have selectively poured resources into medical tourism industry infrastructure […]

Nagpur (MH) India, Octo 1st, 2015 Children’s bodies are in the process of growing & therefore quite different from adult bodies. This includes their bones as well. Starting from a skeleton that is largely made of cartilage which slowly matures into bones having a softer structure during development, even fractures happen to be quite different […]

Joint Replacement Surgery If deteriorating health of joints is your prime concern & cost has been a factor which was holding you back, here is a special breakthrough. Avail these special offers to fix your knee & hip joint problems which are bound to enhance your quality of life. On popular demand, Travcure is now […]

Travcure has added yet another pearl to its network of hospitals in India. It is now associated with one more JCI & NABH accredited Artemis Hospital situated in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. Spread across 9 acres of land, Artemis offers unparalleled patient care along with advanced medical technology. It is a 350-bedded multi-specialty healthcare facility providing […]

Nagpur (M.H.) India, Sept. 23, 2015 Response of foreign nationals visiting India for high-class medical treatments has been encouraging. Over 21,000 tourists from Iraq visited this country in 2013 seeking medical solutions. Almost half of the tourists coming from Afghanistan & Nigeria into India had similar concerns. Medical tourists have doubled in numbers between 2009 […]

Kerala is one of the few states in India which spends almost 9% of the GDP on healthcare. The synergy between the hospitals & tourism industry in Kerala is excellent. This south Indian state is all set for a leap into the global medical tourism industry. With more & more healthcare giants setting up hospitals […]

Goa is quite a small state within India but has a lot of hidden surprises to enchant foreign tourists. Since years it has attracted tourists worldwide for its beautiful sand beaches, churches, ancient architectures & exotic cuisine. Now there is one more attraction to offer & that is specialized healthcare tourism. This booming medical sector […]

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