Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement Surgery for Joint Pain

Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement Surgery.Joints play a vital role in human body. They are responsible for holding the entire body structure that enables a person to carry out physical activities smoothly. They help an individual to participate in sports and perform daily routine tasks like running, standing, sitting, and doing household chores. Therefore, joint health is equally important as health of other body parts. Knee, hip, and shoulder joint are three major joints that allow a great range of motion to body. Sometimes, any injury or trauma to joint may result in intense and disabling pain. In such instances, patients should seek a prompt joint treatment to enjoy life to fullest.

Causes of Joint Pain

Joint pain has become a common ailment nowadays. The following list elaborates some common causes and symptoms of joint pain.
Arthritis– Arthritis is the most frequent cause of joint pain. Arthritis is basically a disease which leads to sharp pain and inflammation around joints. Patients suffering from an underlying arthritis disease may experience swelling, redness, and pain around respective joint.
Cartilage Damage – Bones in a joint are enclosed by a thick fluid known as ‘cartilage’. It prevents friction and adds a protective layer which helps a joint to remain healthy for a long term. Deterioration of cartilage can result in symptoms like joint stiffness, joint locking, and severe joint pain.
Joint Fracture – Fracture or any physical injury during sports is a common cause of joint pain. Swelling, bruising, and inability to move respective joint are the common symptoms associated with joint fracture.
Connective Tissue Disease – Diseases like lupus and scleroderma may aggravate joint pain. These connective tissue diseases occur when immune system attacks own body cells. Muscle weakness, fatigue, and painful joint condition are the main warning signs of such disease.

Primary Treatment Options for Joint Pain

It is important to take appropriate steps and measures to treat joint pain before it starts to degrade functions of respective joint. The following treatments may help in stabilizing a painful joint condition.
Medicines – Patients struggling with extreme joint pain may take help of pain-controlling medicines to get relief. They should visit a primary care doctor and consume prescribed medicines as per given dosage.
Heat or Ice Packs – Heat or ice packs may help in calming the inflammation and pain around joint to a great extent. Patients must take plenty of rest and try out this method.
Physical Therapy – Physical therapy is definitely a good option to restore joint range of movement and minimize pain. It involves certain exercises that can improve blood circulation and eventually overall joint condition.
Patients may opt for a joint surgery if they do not find these treatment options helpful.

What is Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement Surgery?

Minimally invasive joint replacement is a new medical intervention that can be performed to take out an old trouble-causing joint and replace it with an artificial joint. Unlike a conventional joint replacement surgery, this surgical procedure aims at minimizing uneasiness and pain. It involves small incisions to serve the purpose successfully. Such minimally invasive approach is widely used to treat damaged knee, hip, and shoulder joints.

Good Candidates for Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement Surgery

Patients who are suffering from intense pain in knee, shoulder, or hip joint and willing to undergo a minimally invasive joint replacement procedure for treating respective joints should fulfill the following criteria to get good results.
Physical Fitness – Patients should have an overall good health. Patients who have any prior medical condition are not considered to be good candidates for a minimally invasive joint replacement surgery.
Age Group – Generally, orthopedic surgeons advise a minimally invasive joint replacement procedure to younger patients who want to participate in high-impact sports in future.
Healthy Weight – Patients willing to undergo this surgery should have a normal weight. This procedure is not suitable for overweight patients as it may cause complications afterward.
Previous Joint Surgeries – Patients should not have had any previous joint surgeries. For instance, a candidate who wants to have a minimally invasive hip replacement surgery and have undergone many hip surgeries in past is certainly not eligible for this procedure.

Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement Procedure

Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement Surgery for Joint Pain - Travcure

Minimally invasive joint replacement surgery including a knee, hip, and shoulder can be performed in following steps.
Making Incisions – Orthopedic surgeons will make small incisions which may be 4 to 6 inches to access specific damaged region. Small incisions will significantly prevent loss of healthy tissues surrounding respective joint.
Artificial Implant – Once surgeons reach to damaged joint area, they will carefully remove only the impaired portion of bones and tissues. After that, they will place an artificial implant or prosthesis to restore joint range of movement. Artificial implant is mostly made of materials such as metal, plastic or ceramic.
Closing Incisions – Surgeons will close the incisions after proper placement of the artificial prosthetic implant.

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement Surgery

Patients will get the following benefits
Less Damage to Tissues – As the incision size is small, minimally invasive joint replacement surgery does not cause much damage to soft tissues.
Quick Recovery – This surgery is less painful, involves less blood loss, and allows a faster recovery as compared to conventional joint replacement surgery.
Negligible Scarring – Surgical scars will not be prominent and will fade away completely after a month or two.
Hospital Stay – In most instances, patients can go home on the very same day of surgery.

Risks and Complications Associated with Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement Surgery

Minimally invasive joint replacement is a safe medical procedure. However, it may involve the below risks and complications.
Implantation Failure and Revision Surgery – Artificial implant may not fix properly at desired location during the procedure. It will require a revisional surgery. In addition to this, durability of implant is also a topic of concern. They may worn out after few years and patients will again need to undergo a joint surgery.
Infection – Patients may get an infection due to artificial implant. Orthopedic surgeons normally provide antibiotics to dissolve this risk.
Nerve Injury – In rare cases, patients may encounter a nerve damage or injury.
Patients need to stay careful in postoperative phase. Such complications can be handled by contacting respective surgeons immediately.

Recovery Following Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement Surgery

Patients will have to stay alerted and take care of their newly replaced joint during healing phase. They should avoid high-impact activities until their surgeons allow them and strictly take all the medicines and drugs. They should also eat a well-balanced meal to stay healthy. Respective orthopedic surgeons may refer them to a well-versed physiotherapist who will teach them important exercises. Patients must keep faith and do whatever they order. It will definitely aid a smooth and quick recovery.

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