Nagpur - Next Medical Hub in India for Medical Tourism!

Nagpur- the city of oranges is a trending sensation in the world of medical tourism. With the highest number of patients from all over the globe are turning to the city to seek medical help making it the next medical hub in India. Nagpur is obliged to have the most experienced, highly talented and best doctors in almost all specialties. Due to its affordable cost of treatment, the city is transforming into the prime destination for patients from Africa, Middle East, Europe and USA.

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Nagpur being the center of India attracts a large crowd of people to migrate to the city. People living in abroad happen to come to the city to visit their relatives and at the same time go for medical interventions which are very expensive in the western countries.  With the world class infrastructure in Nagpur, the city is blessed to have expertise in urosurgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, bariatric surgery and gynecology with all the rules followed in bringing the foreign patients through consulates of respective countries. Professional agencies are hired to take care of the legal procedures.

Nagpur being the third largest city of Indian state of Maharashtra and the largest city of central India is pervaded with the best hospitals of the city which comprise of Wockhardt Hospital, Care Hospital, Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences, Neuron, Orange City Hospital And Research Institute and other super specialty hospitals that are run by individual doctors. Several doctors offer various types of surgeries related to infertility, cancers, penal implants, vasectomy reversal, erectile dysfunction, chemotherapy, urinary incontinence, varicocelectomy and radical prostatectomy.

Talking about the overall expenditure, the doctors of Nagpur treating foreign patient state that the treatment is provided at extremely competitive rates, many times at less than one-fifth the cost in their respective countries as well as much cheaper than that in other metro cities.

With all the latest technologies, highly-qualified doctors, low-cost treatments, easy-to-travel facility and home-like hospitality, Nagpur is an upcoming sensation for medical tourism in India.  The city is privileged to have the international airport named Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport which is spread over 1,460 acres and also serves as the home to AFS Nagpur of the Indian Air Force. The airport is merely at a distance of 3-5 km from the main city making the journey shortest and smoothest. The stay can be luxurious and soothing with the 3 star and 5 star hotels like Radisson Blu, Tuli International, Le-Meridian and much more.

The visit to Nagpur for medical tourism is beneficial in certain terms as it allows the patient to plan for a vacation trip since it is one of the best places offering a number of tourist spots. Nagpur is rich in fossils of flora and fauna, historic places with all kinds of temples and arts, finest sculptures and architectures, soothing valleys and mountains, wildlife sanctuaries and much more. It can be stated that Nagpur is one of the famous tourist spots to make your trip cherishable, no matter if it is a medical trip or vacation trip.

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