National Cancer Survivors Day

4th June, 2016 The National Cancer Survivors Day is annual designated day that falls annually on the first Sunday of June. It is celebrated to spread awareness about the dangers and troubles of cancer and the difficulties that a cancer survivor has gone through to beat the disease. The first National Cancer Survivors Day was announced at the 2nd national conference meeting of National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship in New Mexico on 20th November, 1987. The first National Cancer Survivors Day was celebrated on 5th June, 1988 and it has grown to cover the entire world with almost all the countries celebrating it on the first Sunday in the month of June. National Cancer Survivors Day is a celebration of life for the survivors, a motivation for those recently diagnosed, a support to families with a member afflicted with cancer as well as to outreach into the community by creating complete awareness about it. This day is remembered as a celebration of health over disease and honors the survivors for their grit and determination that displayed to the world that fighting and winning over cancer is a fruitful and a truly rewarding action. This day is dedicated to not only the cancer survivors but also to their strong and supportive family members, friends as well as the medical professionals who were instrumental in their fight against cancer. This day is an ideal opportunity for cancer survivors from across the globe to unite and spread awareness, provide support and motivate those diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones. This creates an opportunity for the cancer survivors to connect, celebrate and recognize the efforts of those who had helped them along the difficult path from cancer. This day also allows an opportunity for the cancer survivors and the medical professionals to create awareness about the challenges faced in terms of research, resources and legislation regarding cancer in the country and the world as well. It is aimed at improving the quality of life of a cancer patient or a cancer survivor. Numerous cancer-awareness campaigns, seminars, conferences and programs are organized on this day across the globe. Travcure is extensively involved in the treatment and rehabilitation services for cancer in India. It is connected to the world’s largest network of high-quality oncology-specialty hospitals which is in India. Travcure regularly arranges efficient, convenient and cost-effective cancer treatment and rehabilitation packages for cancer patients flying to India for best-quality cancer treatment.
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