National Lung Cancer Awareness Month

9 Nov 2015: Lung Cancer Awareness Month is a good opportunity to make others aware of this more common and deadly type of cancer. Lung Cancer is also known as carcinoma of the lung and pulmonary carcinoma by the medical fraternity. This cancer is a metastasizing type, which means that it can spread from the lungs to other organs surrounding, or connected, to the lungs. Carcinoma of the lung can affect one or both lungs in a person.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month is organized to spread vital information about the causes, treatment and prevention of lung cancer. This, often fatal, cancer type is mostly seen due to incessant and long habit of smoking as around 80-90% of lung cancer cases are known to be caused by tobacco smoking. Lung cancer is also caused by a set of genetic factors. The other causes if lung cancer is asbestos particle inhalation over a significantly longer period of time, exposure to radon gas from certain soil types, air pollution and other such factors.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month is the perfect opportunity for you, and your loved ones, to get a medical check-up done to see for signs of pulmonary carcinoma. The doctors and cancer-specialists in India handle thousands of lung cancer cases every year. The diagnosis for lung cancer is performed by various techniques such as CT scans of the chest and chest radiographs. To confirm the type of lung cancer and the extent of its damage the doctors will perform a complete biopsy of the cancerous epithelial tissues of the lungs.

In case you feel shortness of breath combined with prolonged coughing, which often results in blood coming through the mouth during coughing, wheezing along with increasing weight loss and constant fatigue it is advisable to get a diagnosis done from a reputed cancer specialist immediately. The later stage symptoms seen in lung cancer include swallowing difficulty, bone pain and pain in the chest.

If you, or your loved ones, are diagnosed with lung cancer you do not need to panic as timely and efficient treatment of lung cancer is known to have a vast margin of successful treatment. The doctor will advise the kind of treatment method according to the type of cancerous cells as well as the extent of the damage caused by the tumor in the lungs.

The different methods of treating lung cancer are surgery – in which the doctor will either remove a lobe of the affected lung (lobectomy) or if the person is deemed unfit for a complete lobectomy the doctor will perform a sublobar excision (wedge resection). A minimally invasive and modern method of cancer surgical procedure is known as Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (or VATS). Radiotherapy is another method of treating lung cancer. In this the doctor will perform a session of high intensity radiotherapy known as radical radiotherapy which kills the cancerous cells and is quite effective in preventing recurrence of the lung cancer. Radiotherapy is often combined with chemotherapy in certain cases of lung cancer. Chemotherapy involves using cancer-specific medicinal drugs to treat as well as prevent lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month gives you a chance to be aware of the different causes of lung cancer as well as the prevention methods to avoid developing pulmonary carcinoma. The various small points that can be adopted to prevent and avoid lung cancer are quitting smoking, as well as avoiding passive smoking (inhaling smoke from other’s cigarette), avoiding occupational hazards such as radon gas inhalation, working with asbestos for longer periods without adequate protection, adopting methods to prevent air pollution inhalation, etc.

This Lung Cancer Awareness Month we urge you to get a lung cancer diagnostic check up done for you as well as your loved ones to ensure long and a healthy life. An annual medical screening can make a big difference between developing cancer and leading a long and healthy life.

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