Known About the Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

November has set in; it’s time to pull up the socks and call for some action for all the fighters fighting with one of the most dangerous diseases i.e. Pancreatic Cancer. This is the month when people from all over thecountry come out to become a voice of hope for all the people suffering from Pancreatic Cancer, one of the most deadly diseases and often counted among the 21 most common cancers in the UK. This time is known as the Pancreatic Cancer Month (PCAM) when people celebrate for survivors who came out with flying colours from the grasp of that cancer and also pay tribute to the victims who died because of the same. Many NGOs and Government Organisations from all over thecountry start their campaigns for raising awareness and collect funds for the treatments of all the sufferers. Hundreds of people are affected with this cancer every year and most of them die as it is the hardest cancer to detect and treat. According to many researches made in the UK, it has been known that Pancreatic Cancer is the 5th most common cause of cancer and only 4% of people are able tobe diagnosed who survives 5 years or more. There are many other predictions stating that by 2030 Pancreatic Cancer is believed to overtake Breast Cancer and become 4th most deadly cancer.

How is Pancreatic Cancer Caused?

Pancreatic cancer is mainly caused when unwanted and abnormal cells start to grow in the Pancreas and form a deadly tumour. There are mainly two types of cells in Pancreas- exocrine and endocrine cells. 95% of cancers are classified as exocrine tumours. There are rarely any symptoms to be detected for Pancreatic Cancer in the early stages and, therefore, it is termed as silent cancer. It is generally quite difficult to identify the disease and by the time symptoms are visible, many patients have already advanced the disease.


Some vitalsymptoms for Pancreatic Cancer are abdominal pain, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, weight loss, changes in bowel motions, jaundice, ascites (fluid in the abdomen) and blood clots. These symptoms lead to diagnosis while fatigue, weakness and digestive problems may occur at any time of the day.  The risk factors that cause this deadly disease include smoking, age, hereditary problem, diabetes, unstable diet, obesity and gender issue in which women tends to get more of this disease.

Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer

The patients are treated according to the stage of cancer they are suffering from. Some of the treatments include radiation therapy, surgery, and chemotherapy. Thus, all we get to know is research and study is the main key to beat this deadly and devastating disease. Everyone in this month makes an attempt to campaign either through media or MPs or other supporters to bring a light of hope for all those suffering from Pancreatic Cancer. Main stream of actions for the campaign includes:
  • Raise awareness about the disease and its symptoms and encourage people to get diagnosed earlier
  • Gather people to take part in Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month
  • To increase the survival rates
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