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orthopedic-surgeryHow Orthopedic Surgery works?

An orthopedic surgery is the term given for a number of different surgical procedures that are useful in treating the various disorders and injuries that are suffered by the musculoskeletal structure of a person. The musculoskeletal structure consists of the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissues that help give the body a definite structure and are important in the functioning and movement of the body. Orthopedic surgery is simply known as ‘orthopedics’ in short and the musculoskeletal surgical treatments fall under the ‘pediatric orthopedic’ category. An orthopedic surgeon may attempt to initially treat many musculoskeletal issues using non-surgical methods initially, such as with medication, physical therapy or other similar methods. If these non-surgical methods fail to address the problem and if the injury is severe in nature the surgeon will suggest the best orthopedic surgical option suitable for you. Most orthopedic surgeries attempt to repair damage to the musculoskeletal structure in case of injuries but when the injury is severe or if the disorder is debilitating then the surgeon might choose to replace the damaged component in the body with an artificial implant.

Orthopedic Surgery procedures

There are many orthopedic surgery procedures that are advised based on the location of the injury or disorder as well as the severity of the damage to the musculoskeletal structure. These are some commonly performed orthopedic surgery procedures: Total Joint Replacement This surgical procedure is useful in case of severe arthritis or traumatic injury to the joints, especially the weight-bearing joints such as the knee joint and hip joint. This surgery involves removing the damaged parts of the joint and replacing them with artificial implant joints made from medical-grade rubber, plastic or metal, that work exactly like a natural joint. Total Knee Replacement In case of severe arthritis where the bones and the cartilage in the knee joints are degenerated to a high extent the surgeon may advise a total knee replacement procedure to treat this problem. This surgery involves replacing the damaged cartilage between the knee joint with a plastic and metal implant that provides cushioning and motion to the knee joint. This replacement procedure helps regain lost function of the previously damaged knee. The surgeon might have to fix the artificial joint components in place using bone cement or surgical adhesives to allow it to get integrated into the natural bone gradually. Total Hip Replacement This procedure is advised in case a severe arthritis has rendered the hip joint degenerated and painful with restricted movement. The procedure involves replacing the ball portion of the femoral head (thigh bone) and the socket portion of the acetabulum (hip bone) with artificial implants mainly made of ceramic or metal. There are a large variety of implant material as well as different approaches followed for a total hip replacement that depend on the individual cases. Total Shoulder Replacement This procedure is required when there is severe damage to the shoulder joint due to a traumatic injury (fracture) or severe arthritis. This procedure is performed with the aim of replacing the damaged bone and cartilage with an artificial implant made from plastic or metal. Similar to a total hip replacement procedure this surgery requires the surgeon to replace the ball portion of the humerus (upper arm bone) and the socket in the scapula (shoulder bone) with the implant components. This replacement of the damaged joint parts with artificial implants helps restore strength and movement in the shoulder. Rotator Cuff Repair The rotator cuff is important to stabilize your shoulder in place as well as help in its range of motions. A traumatic injury often results in causing the tendons in the rotator cuff to suffer a partial or complete tear which causes pain and restricts shoulder movements. Often, these tears are repaired using surgical methods which restore the strength and movement of the shoulder. Arthroscopic surgery This is a minimally invasive type of surgery performed using a thin and flexible surgical tube known as an ‘arthroscope’. This is a fiber-optic cable with a light source and a video camera attached to its end. This arthroscope is inserted in the knee through very small (keyhole) incisions in the skin over the damaged joint to view the joint components and the possible damage suffered by it. This minimally invasive procedure is helpful in performing surgeries in the hip, knee and shoulders through smaller and less number of incisions as compared to conventional open type surgery. The recovery time is also significantly reduced for an arthroscopic surgery. [free_quotes_and_consultation] Spine surgery Various factors cause a problem in the spine that may lead to pain and disability in the person. Spinal surgeries help improve the function of the spine as well as give relief from the pain. There are a number of different surgical procedures that are included under the term ‘spine surgery’ that are performed in case other alternate and non-surgical treatment methods fail to address the problem. The various spine surgery methods are spinal fusion, laminectomy, diskectomy and spinal decompression. These methods can be performed using a conventional open-type surgery or through a minimally invasive procedure such as a ‘kyphoplasty’. Ankle Replacement There are a number of factors that require the surgeon to replace an ankle or wrist joint such as rheumatoid arthritis, stress fractures, injuries and sprains. If traditional methods of treatment fail to correct the damage the surgeon may then use a replacement method to help restore function as well as to relive the pain. ACL Reconstruction An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the main ligaments in the knee joint that works to stabilize and give strength to the knee. When this ligament gets damaged (ruptured or torn) it has to be reconstructed using a variety of techniques.

Who is a candidate for Orthopedic Surgery?

In case you have suffered an injury or have a degenerative disease of the knee, shoulder, spine or hips then you might want to visit an orthopedic surgeon. These are some symptoms that require a diagnosis by an orthopedic surgeon to determine the need for an orthopedic surgery for treatment:
  • Trouble using joints (knee, hip, shoulder, wrist, elbow, ankle or spine) in routine activities
  • Pain is joints, tendons and muscles from a long time
  • Pain in the joints that becomes worse with the passage of time
  • Bruising or swelling seen in the joint area after an injury
  • Restricted joint motion
  • Deformed joint
  • Infection that causes swelling, heat, fever or tenderness
  • Unusual symptoms in the painful region

Benefits of Orthopedic Surgery in Goa

An orthopedic surgery is highly beneficial in terms of restoring mobility and strength in the damaged joint in case other non-surgical and alternate treatment methods have failed to address the problem. Orthopedic surgery helps in decreasing pain and restoring motion in the operated joint. The average success rates of orthopedic surgical procedures are above 90% for the various types of procedures. Goa has a large number of orthopedic specialty hospitals and clinics that are well-known for providing the best and most efficient orthopedic surgeries in India. These hospitals and clinics have the most advanced and modern medical and surgical equipments as well as the most experienced and extensively-trained orthopedic specialists and surgeons. The orthopedic specialty hospitals and clinics in Goa provide the best treatment at the lowest cost in all of India.

Complications of Orthopedic Surgery

As is seen in any type of major surgery there are certain chances of some complications arising after an orthopedic surgery, such as:
  • Infection
  • Blood clot
  • Excessive inflammation
  • Bleeding (hemorrhage)
  • Nerve damage

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