This is a dental treatment procedure which is meant to address & correct crooked, broken, missing or worn teeth & poorly aligned jaws as well. This is a perfect blend of artistry of cosmetic dentistry & science of neuromuscular dentistry in order to create smiles which are beautiful, healthy, functional & long lasting. Although this procedure can be extensive, full mouth rehabilitation effectively seeks to rebuild every tooth in mouth. Full mouth rehabilitation results are nothing less than amazing.

Traditional dental braces have progress & are now much lighter in weight & structure than they used to be earlier. They are now made of high-grade stainless steel & having metal brackets which are attached to each tooth with a type of cement. Ceramic braces are like traditional braces with a difference that brackets are made of clear & transparent ceramic material. However, Damon braces are currently enjoying popularity since they are self-ligating & utilize slide mechanism instead of elastics to connect archwires.

LANAP is a minimally invasive laser gum surgery which does not require any use of blade or sutures. This is a procedure which results in very little recession & pain for the patient. While involving much less discomfort, people undergoing LANAP surgery never need any pain medication. Healing time for LANAP surgery patients is also much faster & is more predictable concerning bone regeneration & connective reattachment of tissue.

Laser dentistry is a precise & effective method for performing several dental procedures. Use of laser in dentistry is an excellent method for soft tissue applications like gum treatments. While wounds heal faster & tissues effectively regenerate, laser dentistry treatments do not require administration of anesthesia. Other benefits of laser dentistry include that while they minimize chances of bacterial infections, the high-energy laser beams also aid in coagulation of exposed blood vessels & thus inhibit loss of blood as well.

Teeth whitening are an effective dental procedure which is meant to improve the natural color of teeth without damaging the tooth surface. However, it may not be possible to completely change the color, but it will effectively lighten the existing shade of teeth. Teeth whitening procedure is a great solution for people whose teeth have stained on surface due to food & drinks like coffee, tea, blackcurrant & red wine. This is also useful for people who have stained teeth due to smoking.

Quite often tooth extraction becomes essential for broken, damaged or decaying teeth. There are two types of tooth extraction procedures, simple extraction & surgical extraction. Simple extraction is a procedure performed on a tooth which can be seen in the mouth while surgical extraction is a more complex procedure involving teeth which have broken off at gum line. Dentures are most often required by patients who have undergone tooth extraction & which come in several styles.

Dental or tooth implants are most often one of the best treatments for missing teeth. Whenever decayed or damaged teeth are removed, both the visible part of teeth & the root are lost. Dental implants are effectively placed within the jawbone & so they fuse with the natural bone in order to form a strong & sturdy foundation. On top of that, crowns are firmly cemented & capped onto the implant & which can subsequently only be removed by dentists.

Root cans are basically meant to save teeth from decay. When teeth are infected, dentists perform root canal by removing pulp & replacing it with filling. However, this can also weaken teeth at times. Crowning teeth can apply a finishing touch following root canal. Fitting crowns over filled teeth is often necessary because teeth are at high risk of fracture without extra protection of the crown.

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