All You Need To Know About Pediatric Diseases

All You Need To Know About Pediatric Diseases

Pediatric diseases refer to disorders and ailments that adversely affect health of infants and young children. They may sometimes start to develop when baby is in mother’s womb. Pediatric disorders need early medical supervision. Otherwise, they may lead to serious problems and impact normal growth of children. They may also limit them from enjoying life to the greatest like other healthy children. Parents observing any kind of abnormality in their children must report to a well-qualified doctor as early as possible. It can considerably help in improving quality of life of their beloved children.


Major Types of Pediatric Diseases

The following list gives some of the major types of pediatric diseases.

  • Cerebral PalsyCerebral palsy is a neurological ailment that negatively affects balancing ability, posture or movement due to poor development of brain of children. Cerebral palsy mainly occurs due to faulty genes, infections during fetal development, insufficient supply of oxygen to brain, and condition of fetal stroke. Cerebral palsy may result in serious mental health issues, eye muscle imbalance, osteoarthritis, malnutrition, and lung diseases if remain untreated over a long period. Main treatment options for cerebral palsy generally include medications, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy. These recreational therapies can bring positive changes in health of children struggling with cerebral palsy to a great extent. If children are suffering from muscle or bone abnormalities, respective doctors may suggest an orthopedic surgery.
  • Childhood ObesityChildhood obesity is a condition that comes in existence due to excessive weight in children. Being fat does not indicate obesity. It can be precisely calculated by body mass index of children. If weight and height are not in proportion or when weight exceeds normal level according to height of children, it clearly refers to childhood obesity Childhood obesity may give rise to a large range of medical complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma, sleep disorders, and liver damage. This condition can be primarily treated by eating healthy foods and by being active or doing exercise. In severe cases, weight loss surgery can be a good alternative for children in adolescent age.
  • Brain TumorsThese are formed due to an abnormal lump of cells or tissues that grows and multiply in brain and surrounding areas. Precise reason behind occurrence of brain tumors in children is not confirmed yet. Children with an underlying brain tumor may experience severe and frequently appearing headaches, speech problems, weakness in legs or arms, memory issues, and personality changes. Major treatment options for such brain tumors include medications and surgical removal of tumor. In some cases where tumor becomes cancerous, doctors may recommend radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Radiation therapy involves use of focused radiation for killing abnormal cells. Whereas, chemotherapy involves use of medicines that can destroy cancerous brain tumor. They may directly inject in children bloodstream or give it orally in form of pills or liquid.
  • EpilepsyEpilepsy is a chronic neurological illness that appears when normal nerve activity in brain of children gets disturbed. Children are likely to experience uncontrolled and abnormal body movements known as seizures, during episodes of epilepsy. Some children may outstare blankly for a short time interval. Condition of epilepsy is mostly caused due to genetic problems, prenatal injury, or some other neurological disorders like autism. Doctors may suggest some essential antiepileptic medications in order to provide relief to children. However, severe cases will necessarily require an epilepsy brain surgery that involves treatment of trouble-causing nerve in children brain. In addition to this, doctors may also suggest intake of ketogenic diet to children. Ketogenic diet is low in carbohydrates and contains high amount of fats. Such kind of food may help children to stay seizure-free.
  • Hip DysplasiaHip dysplasia or developmental dysplasia of hip (DDH) is a condition that occurs due to poor development of hip socket joint in infants and young children. Hip joint may not stay in contact with upper thigh bone and cause instability or entirely dislocate from its normal position. At first, doctors may recommend use of a fabric splint which is clinically referred to as ‘Pavlik harness’ for hip dysplasia. It works effectively in majority of hip dysplasia It can prove to be helpful in stabilizing hip joint of children to a large extent. However, if it does not work, doctors may perform a surgical operation called as ‘reduction’ for aligning hip socket with respect to thighbone.
  • OsteomyelitisOsteomyelitis is basically a type of bone infection which is mostly caused by a bacteria known as Staphylococcus aureus. Such harmful bacterias may enter children body in many ways such as trauma or injury and open wound. Osteomyelitis may affect children of any given age group but it is mainly observed in premature babies or infants. Children may encounter severe pain, swelling or redness around affected area. Treatment options for osteomyelitis include pain medications, several types of antibiotics, and a surgical operation for cleaning the respective portion and removing dead tissues around it.
  • NeuroblastomaNeuroblastoma is one of the most commonly observed types of cancer in children. Neuroblastoma develops due to abnormality in ‘neuroblast’ cells present in nerves. Cancerous tumors can grow in chest, neck, spinal cord or any other part of children body. Medical experts reveal that faulty genes are mainly responsible for occurrence of neuroblastoma in children. Children are likely to experience problems such as abdominal pain, swelling in stomach, pale skin, red skin, and drooping eyelids. These symptoms may increase further as cancer advances. Doctors are likely to perform a neuroblastoma tumor removal surgery in order to provide complete relief to children. In addition to this, they may also suggest radiation therapy or chemotherapy if surgery fails to deliver required results.
  • HydrocephalusHydrocephalus is a neurological ailment that develops when an excessive amount of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) starts to accumulate inside brain of children. Hydrocephalus may create pressure, cause severe swelling, damage healthy tissues in brain and result in other health complications as well. This condition is mainly treated with surgical methods such as shunt surgery and endoscopic third ventriculostomy surgery (ETV). Working principle of shunt surgery is to move the excessive CSF to another area where it can be absorbed easily. Whereas, ETV procedure creates an essential opening around children brain so that the CSF fluid moves smoothly without creating any pressure. Doctors implement most suitable method for hydrocephalus depending on children’s health requirements.


Pediatric Diseases in African Countries

Prevalence of pediatric diseases in African countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, and Egypt has increased tremendously over these years. According to reports of World Health Organization (WHO), thousands of infants and young children die because of pediatric conditions every year. One of the major reasons for such unfortunate circumstances in African countries is poor healthcare management. To be honest, healthcare in Africa is not at all satisfactory. Most of the African countries lack fully-furnished hospitals, availability of high-end diagnostic machines, advanced medical tools, good quality medical treatments as well as availability of well-qualified and experienced doctors. Most importantly, pediatric disease treatment cost in these countries is also beyond the reach of common African patients. All these reasons have contributed to rise of pediatric diseases in Africa.


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