Preventive Health Care

Preventive Health Care is also known as Prophylaxis or Preventive Medicine. Preventive healthcare centers in India generally cover a series of services like shots, screening lab tests, physical exams including biopsy & prescriptions. Results derived from preventive health care enable doctors find potential health hazards much before they actually set in.

Medical research has come a long way & proven to give us long & healthy lives. Preventive health care is an off-shoot to this fact empowering us to enjoy a better quality of living. Many diseases can now be nipped in the bud & cured without much suffering. Considering measures taken for disease prevention as opposed to protracted treatment is a safer & wiser choice to make.

Healthcare Centres in India

Healthcare encompasses an auspicious variety of physical & mental wellbeing. Disease & disability are affected by an array of factors including environmental, disease agents, lifestyle choices & genetic predisposition, many of which are dynamic processes affecting without individual realisation.

Disease prevention most often relies on anticipatory problems that can be largely categorised as primary, secondary & tertiary preventive measure. Healthcare centers in India rise up to this challenge & offer a broad spectrum variety of tests to diagnose & nip diseases in budding stages.

Primary Preventive Measures

Primary preventive measures largely consist of health promotion activities most of which are non-clinical life choices like nutritious eating habits & daily exercise. Activities which prevent diseases & create sense of overall wellbeing inordinately prolong life expectancy. Primary preventive measures do not target any specific disease or condition but promote health & well-being on general level. Food is one of the most basic tools in primary preventive healthcare.

Educational programs & events providing nutritional guidance are immensely helpful. Advancements in genetics have significantly contributed to knowledge of hereditary diseases. This has facilitated specific protective measures in individual carriers of gene diseases by allowing physicians to make accurate diagnosis & tailored treatments. Primal Prevention measures provide future parents with unbiased pertinent information involving the offspring’s primal health. This will enable parents plan adequate parental leave, sufficient care giving & financial help.

Secondary Preventive Measures

Secondary preventive measures deal with latent diseases while attempting to prevent asymptomatic diseases from manifesting. Classifying certain diseases as primary or secondary depend on definitions constituting diseases. Secondary preventive measures aim to detect & treat disease in early primordial stages. It basically consists of ‘early diagnosis & prompt treatment’ to contain & prevent disease to spread further. This also prevents future complications & disabilities arising out of disease. Disability limitations generally involve check-ups on heart, cerebrospinal fluid, & a variety of systems associated with symptoms. Rejuvenation packages of traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda can also be very helpful to prevent disease & regain health.

Tertiary Preventive Measures

Tertiary preventive measures attempt to curb damage caused by symptomatic diseases. While focusing on physical, mental & social rehabilitation, secondary measures aim to prevent disability. Objective of tertiary preventive measures is to maximize remaining capabilities & functions of a disabled patient. Other tertiary preventive measure goals include preventing damage & pain, halting complications & progression of disease & restoring functions & health of individuals who are affected by disease. These measures may also include counseling so as to restore confidence & normal daily functions as far as possible.

TRAVCURE Preventive Health Care check-ups will cover tests mentioned below. Parts from this list may be designed in accordance to individual requirements of patients.

  • Doctor Consultation & Full Medical Examination
  • Blood Tests
  • Complete Hemogram (hb, TLC, DLR, ESR, Hematocrit & Peripheral Smear)
  • Blood Group (ABO, RH)
  • Blood Sugar
  • Blood Urea
  • Serum Uric Acid
  • Serum Creatinine
  • Serum Cholesterol
  • Lipid Profile
  • Urine & Feces Examination
  • X-Ray Chest PA
  • ECG
  • Exercise Stress Test (TMT)
  • 2D Echo to Assess Heart Pumping Capacity
  • Coronary Risk Markers - Apo A & Apo B (Precise Indicators of Risk of Coronary Artery Disease) & Lpa (Genetic Predictor of Heart Attack)
  • Cancer Risk Markers - PSA for Prostate Cancer in Males & CA 125 for Ovarian Cancer in Females
  • Carotid Color Doppler – (Best Predictor of Stroke & Brain Hemorrhage & which may Result in Paralysis)
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Calcium
  • Alkaline Phosphates
  • Digital X-ray
  • Lumbar Spine AP & L
  • DEXA Spine
  • MRI L-Spine
  • Stress Screening by Psychologist
  • Eye Examination
  • Gynecologist Consultation & Pap Smear Test
  • Ultrasound Screening for Abdomen
  • ENT Examination
  • Screening for Liver Disease
  • Screening for Thyroid Disease
  • Hepatitis B Screening to Assess Immunity & Detection of Carriers
  • Test for AIDS can also be Requested
  • Screening for Kidney Disease
  • Serum Cholesterol
  • Post Check-Up Consultation


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