Prostate Cancer: Symptoms, Types & Treatment


Prostate Cancer Overview & Facts

Prostate is a gland present in male reproductive system and when the cancer affects this portion, it is known as carcinoma of the prostate. Some tumors grow slowly and some develop rapidly. These cancer cells not only affect prostate gland but after a while it spreads in the entire body, especially in the bones and lymph nodes. One in 7 men is likely to get affected by this cancer. In 2011, more than 2, 10,000 men were diagnosed with and more than 28000 died because of this cancer. According to the statistics this cancer is more common in African American population. The factors that cause this cancer can be old age, genetics or certain foods. Almost cent percent cases are likely to be found in those who are 45 years of age or more. An association with gonorrhoea has been found but scientists are still researching on it. High processed meat, red meat and low vegetable consumption can cause Prostate Cancer. Also there is a connection between certain medicines, medical surgeries, conditions andthe cancer.

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis & Tests

Biopsy and ultrasound are the methods for diagnosing Prostate Cancer. These are done to evaluate and confirm the results of digital rectal exam or an elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test. In ultrasound, a small finger-sized probe is inserted into the rectum which creates high-frequency sound waves. These waves are captured into video or photographic images of Prostate gland, and the probe produces images at different angles. It is easy for the doctor to determine the size and severity of the cancer.In biopsy with the help of transrectal ultrasound imaging and several small needles, tiny amount of tissue is removed forthe detection ofabnormality. These samples help doctors to analyse, identify and determine the severity of the cancer. Medical imaging may be needed to check if the cancer has spread in the body. Doctors may perform several tests like Digital rectal examination (DRE), Cystoscopy, Transrectal ultrasonography, CAT Scans and MRIs.

Symptoms & Types Prostate Cancer

There are no warning signals of this cancer but some are or may befrequentor interrupted flow of urine especially at night, difficulty in controlling of urine, urine leakage while laughing/coughing, painful or burning sensationor ejaculation, blood in urine or semen.An extensive number of tests are done to know the stage of cancer. It can be from microscopic to metastasize i.e. apart from prostrate every other tissue (lymph nodes, the bones, liver, or lungs) is affected. This cancer is classified according to its presence indifferent parts of the prostate. Prostatic adenocarcinoma, Small cell carcinoma, Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), Squamous cell carcinoma, Prostatic sarcomas and Transitional cell carcinomas are the types of this cancer.


Prostate Cancer Treatment & Care

Plenty of treatments includes cryosurgery, radiation, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, vaccine & bone-directed treatment, biologic therapy, bisphosphonate therapyand active surveillance. Although a variety of options are availablebut doctor uses one at a time. Prostate treatment care is very important for a speedy recovery. Patient needs to clean and keep the surgery area or stitches area dry. For pain relief doctors prescribes you appropriate medicines. Exercising, driving and resume of sexual activity are advisable after a brief doctor’s consultation.

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