Revision Knee Replacement Surgery for Better and Healthier Knees

Knee is a vital organ that connects upper thigh with lower leg and provides stability to entire body. It is helpful in performing everyday tasks such as running, bending, standing or merely sitting. Any damage or trauma to knees can deteriorate condition of knees and negatively impact an individual’s overall quality of life. Therefore, it is absolutely important to maintain good knee health. Knee replacement surgery is a medical procedure which can help restore mobility and functions of knee to a greater extent. It is performed by removing old knee joint and implanting an artificial knee joint. This surgery is considered to be the best alternative for patients struggling with serious knee joint disorders.

revision knee replacement surgery for better and healthier knees

What is Revision Knee Replacement Surgery?

Revision knee replacement is a clinical procedure that can help patients who encounter knee joint problems following a knee replacement surgery. In most instances, an orthopedic surgeon recommends a revision surgery when patients who have already undergone a knee replacement begin to experience intense knee pain that interferes their daily life.

Who Benefits from Revision Knee Replacement Surgery?

The following category of patients can largely benefit from a revision knee replacement surgery.
Loosening of Implant – Artificial knee implant may get loose over a period of time and start to cause sharp pain in knees. In such cases, a revision surgery becomes essential.
Wear of Artificial Implant – There is a huge possibility that components of artificial knee implant may wear out due to stress caused by performing strenuous tasks, playing sports or high-impact activities following a knee replacement surgery. It may restrict a patient’s range of motion and result in severe disability. Orthopedic surgeons may recommend a revision knee surgeries to help such patients.
Severe Infection – A severe infection around artificial implant can disturb a patient’s routine life by leading to complications like swelling and pain around knees. A revision knee surgery can resolve such issues and help in achieving knee stability again.
Fractures – Fractures around the knee can significantly affect its overall functioning. It may increase the stress on implanted knee joint and give rise to sharp pain and uneasiness. Patients should talk to an experienced orthopedic surgeon at the earliest for a proper medical guidance.
Patients experiencing above-mentioned complications should not delay in meeting a well-trained orthopedic doctor for a precise diagnosis. Early diagnosis can save patients from various knee-related problems.

Diagnosing Cause of Knee Pain following Knee Replacement Surgery

Respective orthopedic surgeons are likely to start medical consultation by asking basic yet important questions such as symptoms which are bothering patients, time when the problems started, and their daily routine. Patients should remain honest in answering these questions. It will help the surgeons to identify patient’s exact situation. They may order given tests for confirming the root cause of knee pain and deciding an appropriate solution.
Imaging Tests – Orthopedic surgeons may suggest imaging tests such as x-rays, computerized tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging procedure. These tests produce high-quality images of knee as well as surrounding bones and structures. These images help the doctors to view internal condition of knee which is crucial in determining whether the patient needs a revision knee replacement or not.
Laboratory Tests – In addition to imaging scans, orthopedic surgeons may advise some blood tests. They may extract a sample of fluid present around problematic knee joint and send it to a laboratory for confirming the presence of an underlying knee infection.

Preparing for Revision Knee Replacement Surgery

Patients will need to follow below-mentioned set of medical guidelines strictly prior to their revision knee replacement surgery. It will considerably help them in recovering smoothly and attaining good results.
Medicines – Orthopedic surgeons may request patients to stop taking certain medicines and supplements that can cause problems in postoperative period. Patients should understand their instructions and do the needful for maintaining a sound health status.
Quit Smoking – Smoking can adversely affect healing process following revision knee replacement surgery. Therefore, patients should quit this habit as early as possible. Patients who find it difficult to give up this habit may take help of medical practitioners.
Home Planning – Any type of stress or injury in recovery phase can lead to surgical failure. Therefore, patients should stay careful and ask someone for assisting them in performing basic tasks like cooking, cleaning, and driving. They may ask a caregiver, nurse, or a close relative to stay help them until they heal properly.

Revision Knee Replacement Procedure

Revision knee replacement is quite complex surgery and needs a high degree of precision. It can be performed successfully in nearly 3 hours with the help of following steps.
Selection of Anesthesia – Orthopedic surgeons may use either spinal anesthesia or general anesthesia. Spinal anesthesia numbs the lower portion from waist. Whereas, general anesthesia puts patients in a complete sleep mode.
Making Incision – Once anesthesia is given, surgeons make a large incision around affected knee. They access the knee carefully for analyzing condition of underlying artificial components.
Removal of Primary Knee Implant – Surgeons remove damaged knee components precisely to prevent bone loss. However, some amount of bone loss is bound to happen especially when original implant was fixed with cement. Surgeons may use metal blocks in case of noticeable bone loss.
Insertion of New Components – After that, orthopedic surgeons will insert newly revised artificial implant and close the incision. New implant is designed in such a way that it restores a good knee condition.
Patients are monitored for a couple of hours for controlling and managing any post-surgical problem.

Risks and Complications Associated with Revision Knee Replacement Surgery

The following list conveys some major complications that patients may have to face during post-surgical period.
Poor Wound Healing and Pain – Knee wound may heal poorly and result in sharp pain, uneasiness, and knee stiffness. In such cases, surgeons may have to operate the knee again.
Infection – Patients may have to encounter a severe infection at operated knee area. Orthopedic surgeons may give antibiotic medicines to control such complications.
Excessive Bleeding – Sometimes, excessive bleeding may occur following revision knee replacement surgery. In such instances, a prompt medical attention is required.
Nerve or Blood Vessel Damage – Patients may encounter nerve damage or blood vessel damage. They should right away call respective doctors and seek a medical care.
Heart Attack or Stroke – Patients may have to experience life-threatening complications such as heart attack or stroke. In such cases, immediate care is crucial for saving patient’s life.

Recovery Following Revision Knee Replacement Surgery

Patients should follow doctor’s instructions and eat a well-balanced diet to promote wound healing. They should attend physiotherapy sessions with full dedication to improve range of motion of knee. In addition to this, they should take pain-controlling medications given by doctors on time to minimize post-surgical pain. They should avoid driving and performing exhausting physical activity until doctors permit them. Complete recovery may take a couple of months. During this phase, they should visit respective oncologists for follow-up meetings. It will significantly help in a smooth and speedy recovery following revision knee replacement surgery.

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