Benefits of Robotic Prostate Surgery In India

Robotic Prostate surgery

A robotic prostate surgery is one of the most advanced and modern forms of surgical technology that is being widely-used in performing various prostate surgeries. This surgical method has certain distinct advantages over the more conventional open-type or other minimally invasive prostate surgery techniques. Robotic-Prostate-Surgery-in-India - Travcure

Robotic Prostatectomy

Till a few years ago, men with prostate cancer had only a few choices for surgical treatments including the conventional open-type prostatectomy which involves large incisions and many other post-surgical side-effects. This new technique has all the advantages associated with a minimally invasive surgical technique and some added benefits as well. The most popular choice of robotic surgery for treating prostate cancer is the da Vinci Surgical System as it allows for a ‘less traumatic’ and ‘minimally invasive’ prostate cancer treatment. This technique enables the surgeons to overcome many obstacles posed by the conventional and laparoscopic prostatectomy. The robotc da Vinci surgical system allows the doctor/surgeon to use completely controlled robotic limbs (with attached surgical instruments) to perform the required surgical procedure which is less time-consuming and more efficient comparatively. High-resolution advanced technology cameras attached to the robotic limbs give the surgeon a vastly superior and magnified view of the surgical site.

Components of Robotic Surgery system

The da Vinci Surgical System is a wonder of advances in the surgical technology area. This vastly advanced surgical system is a highly-efficient and beneficial technique that prevents a host of risks and complications from arising that are usually accompanied after a normal prostatectomy. This surgical system is composed of: 3-D View The highly-advanced cameras attached to the robotic arms provide the surgeon with a clear and magnified 3-dimensional view of the surgical site which allows for better perception for the surgeon and enhances his capabilities significantly. Precise Robotic Limbs The da Vinci surgical system is fitted with advanced ‘motion scaling’ technology that allows translating small hand movements of the surgeon on the control panel into highly-precise movements in the body by the robotic limb. The method of controlling and manipulating the robotic limbs is done using hand and wrist movements. The robotic limbs are highly dexterous and allow for greater precision, range of motion and movement than the laparoscopic method of surgery. Control Console This is one of the most advanced and high-tech parts of the da Vinci surgical system and is used to manipulate the hand controls and view the operation in real-time on the da Vinci Insite Vision System (3-D viewer).

Advantages of Robotic Prostate Surgery

The robotic prostatectomy method has all the advantages that are seen in a laparoscopic prostatectomy as well as having a few additional benefits. These are some of the advantages that are seen using the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System: Less scarring – This is the basic advantage of a robotic surgery and it causes the most minimal of scarring after the surgery. This surgery requires only a few very small (2-4 cms) incisions for the robotic limb instruments to gain access to the surgery region. Short hospital stay – As the incisions in this type of surgery are very small the post-surgical pain is also very less which in turn results in requiring less amount of time in the hospital for recovery. It allows you to return to normal daily activities faster than the other surgical methods. Less drugs-More blood – The need for painkillers and blood transfusion due to blood loss during surgery is greatly reduced in this procedure as the incisions are too small to cause any significant discomfort or pain and the smaller incisions also result in less (or no) blood loss which does not require a blood transfusion after the surgery. A robotic prostate surgery is now the popular choice for many experienced surgeons due to its efficiency and other unique advantages.
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