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Rockland Hospitals, Dwarka – An Overview


The Rockland Group of Hospitals is India’s leading and largest comprehensive healthcare services providers and has focused their attention on the northern India region with multi-specialty tertiary care healthcare facilities.

The Rockland Hospital at Dwarka in South-West Delhi is the group’s most popular healthcare center. This is an expansive medical facility that is spread over an area of more than 120,000 sq ft of total infrastructure. This is a 100-bed facility and is conveniently located in the city for better accessibility.

This is a completely modern tertiary care multi-specialty hospital that has advanced operation theaters, dedicated intensive (critical) care units, ultra-modern diagnostic centers. The patients can choose from a variety of room-types ranging from convenient economy to luxurious and more comfortable single rooms. This hospital is well-equipped to provide various specialties such as internal medicine, pediatrics, surgical care, obstetrics and gynecology, joint replacement, neurology and neuro-surgery as well as advanced oncology along with other commonly-required medical and surgical treatments.

 Centers of Excellence at Rockland Hospital at Dwarka

The Rockland Hospitals at Dwarka is one of the most comprehensive and totally-equipped healthcare facilities in the northern India region. This is a modern and highly-efficient medical and healthcare facility which aims to provide complete healthcare services at one location. This hospital consists of the various major medical specialty departments that are required in any modern and advanced healthcare center.

These are the various departments of medical specialties that are available at the Rockland Hospital at Dwarka:

Center of Excellence for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstruction surgery

The Rockland Hospital Center of Excellence for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery is one of India’s most advanced and comprehensive cosmetic specialty departments equipped with the most modern and advanced cosmetic treatment technology and cosmetic surgical techniques. This is to ensure that every patient, irrespective of the complexity of the case, gets the best and most efficiently effective cosmetic treatment and surgery available at the most affordable prices.

This department is managed successfully by the most experienced and well-trained cosmetic specialists and plastic surgeons who deliver excellent treatments with compassion and care. These plastic surgeons are highly-experienced in performing a large variety and number of cosmetic procedures successfully every year. This department is well-adept at handling all forms of aesthetic/cosmetic surgery, cleft and craniofaciomaxillary surgery, hand plastic surgery, reconstructive microsurgery procedures, brachial plexus as well as treatment of peripheral nerve injuries along with the breast and limb reconstruction procedures.

Center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery

The Rockland Hospital Center of Excellence for Bariatric surgery is the most comprehensive and advanced bariatric treatment and surgery department in the entire region. This department is basically responsible for performing the various weight loss-assisting surgeries that are required to treat obesity and its other related complications.

This type of surgery is mainly functional through altering the size, shape or functioning of the stomach. This can be performed using various surgical procedures such as lap band surgery, biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch, gastric bypass surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric plication, gastric balloon surgery, adjustable gastric banding surgery, etc.

This weight-loss specialty department is fully-equipped with the most modern and latest medical and surgical technology to ensure that every patient gets the most efficient and modern bariatric treatment.

Center of Excellence for Dermatology

The Rockland Hospital Center of Excellence for Dermatology is a modern and well-equipped specialty department that deals with a large variety of dermatological (skin) conditions.

This department is managed by the most-experienced and expert dermatologists and other skincare specialists who are efficient in treating various skin disorders and conditions such as complicated inflammatory skin diseases, infection, skin tumors, allergic skin reaction as well as other skin diseases using the most advanced and proven methods of treatment and surgery.

Center of Excellence for Pediatric and Neonatology

The Rockland Hospitals Center of Excellence for Neonatology and Pediatrics is responsible for providing expansive and complete preventive and curative care for children’s health. This department is most popular as the most advanced pediatric laparoscopic surgical unit in the region.

This department is equipped with the most sophisticated equipments and technology that make performing the various pediatric and neonatal treatments all the more efficient, painless and comfortable for the little patient. This department is also responsible for advancing the studies for knowledge and expertise in the various pediatric and neonatal disorders and their treatment methods.

This department in fully-equipped with Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Pediatric Allergy Clinic, Pediatric Ward, Pediatric Child Guidance Clinic, Well Baby Clinic, etc and is handled by the most qualified and experienced pediatrician and child specialists.

Center of Excellence for Critical Care Medicine

The Rockland Hospital Center of Excellence for Critical Care Medicine is the specialty department that manages the diagnosis and treatment, as well as prevention and rehabilitative care, of the various life threatening disorders.

This department is able to handle all critical care cases such as support for instability, airway or respiratory problems, acute renal (kidney) failure, multiple organ failure syndrome, intensive care, etc.

This department handles the hospital’s critical care units, trauma operation theaters, blood bank and other emergency treatment services.

Rockland Hospitals ties-up with Travcure

Rockland Group of Hospitals is the largest and most comprehensive healthcare facility in India. The Rockland Hospital at Dwarka in south-west Delhi is the group’s most convenient and efficient hospitals with the latest and most modern equipment s to ensure that every patient gets the best and most advanced treatment for their particular disorders or condition. Travcure is known as the leading medical service provider in India with a reach across the globe in more than 200 countries. Travcure is best-known for providing the most convenient and affordable medical treatment and surgical procedure at the best possible healthcare facility. The tie-up between Rockland Group of Hospitals and Travcure spells a new era for affordable world-class healthcare in India.

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