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Rockland Hospitals – An Overview


The Rockland Hospital at Qutab complex is in operation since more than the past decade and is located between the large greenery-filled Sanjay Upvan on one side and the historic Qutab Minar complex on the other side.

The hospital infrastructure consists of two majestic towers in the middle of a beautifully landscaped ground covering more than 200,000 sq ft. It houses 6 ultra-modern operation theaters, intervention Cath lab, MRI, CT scan as well as the most effective and advanced diagnostic centers and intensive care centers.

This hospital has several dedicated specialty departments that deal with the diagnosis, prevention, care and treatment of specific diseases and disorders such as for Intervention cardiology, Joint Replacement Program, Minimal Access Surgery (MAS), Surgical Oncology, Intensive care units along with extensive diagnostic units.

These are the Centers of Excellence at Rockland Hospitals at Qutab:

Centers of Excellence for Oncology

This is the specialty department that deals with every aspect of cancer. This center follows strict international standards of cancer care and treatment that offers a treatment which is totally holistic approach, including all kinds of cancer therapies.

This department is manned by the best and most experienced oncologist and cancer specialists who ensure that every patient gets the highest quality and most efficient cancer care and treatment available.

The Center of Excellence for Oncology is mainly responsible for:

  • Diagnosis of all types of cancers
  • Comprehensive cancer therapy (including surgery, chemotherapy, advanced imaging tests, endoscopy, etc)
  • Palliative cancer care
  • Follow-up care of cancer patients
  • Complete cancer screening

Center of Excellence for Internal Medicine

The Rockland Hospital – Qutab has a well-equipped Center of Excellence for Internal Medicine which is considered one of the main specialties of the hospital. This department has the most modern laboratories, and high-end imaging techniques including advanced x-ray, MRI, CT scan, ultra-sonography, blood bank, etc. This department is well-adept at handling all kinds of medical cases, in OPD as well as in the Emergency units.

This department is managed by the most-experienced and high-profile medical professionals as well as internal medicine specialists to ensure that every patient undergoing treatment in this department is managed with efficiency and handled with utmost care. This department provides therapeutic and preventive care as well early detection, diagnosis, care, treatment and prevention for a large number of common medical disorders such as diabetes, asthma, malaria, hypertension, etc.

Center of Excellence for Obstetrics and Gynecology

The Rockland Hospital – Qutab has a dedicated department for managing all types of gynecological and maternity-related care requirements. The highly-equipped maternity operation theaters are most efficient in handling neo-natal emergencies.

This department is managed by India’s most experienced and noted gynecologists and obstetricians who ensure that every patient gets the best and most effective treatment for their problems. This department is able to successfully manage various maternity and gynecological services, including day-care services, laparoscopic surgeries, etc.

Center of Excellence for Orthopedics and Joints

The Rockland Hospital – Qutab has a highly-advanced Center of Excellence for Orthopedics and Joints that is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, care and prevention of various disorders, diseases and trauma suffered by the skeletal structure of the body, including the main joints.

This department is well-equipped to handle surgical and non-surgical treatment of sports injuries, musculoskeletal trauma (injury), degenerative bone diseases, tumors, infections and birth (congenital) disorders of the bones.

The expert orthopedic specialists and surgeons in this department handle thousands of successful joint replacement surgeries on an annual basis, in which the damaged joint is removed and replaced with an efficient prosthetic implant using painless and minimally invasive surgical methods (such as an arthroscope).

The department is well-equipped to manage all forms of joint replacement surgeries along with complex types of spinal surgeries. This department also handles complicated reconstructive surgeries using the most advanced and efficient techniques. It also manages several bone cancer (tumor) cases every month successfully.

Center of Excellence for Cardiac Science

The Rockland Hospital – Qutab has an experienced and dedicated team of heart (cardiac) specialists and cardiologists who are experts in performing the various cardiac (heart) treatments, such as interventional cardiology procedures that include stenting and angioplasties, cardiothoracic and vascular surgeries using non-invasive advanced treatment methods for performing coronary angiography, TMT, stress echo, etc.

This department has been successfully handling thousands of cases related to pediatric cardiac surgery, non-invasive cardiology, cardiac electrophysiology, preventive cardiology and critical care support as well as round-the-click emergency cardiac services.

Rockland Hospitals ties-up with Travcure

The Rockland Group of Hospitals is the largest global-quality healthcare service providers in the northern India region, especially around the capital Delhi. The Rockland Hospital at Qutab Minar complex is one of the most comprehensive and complete tertiary care multi-specialty hospital equipped with the most modern and latest in medical and surgical technology. Travcure, the leader in medical tourism services in India, has joined forces with Rockland Hospital at Qutab to provide the best, most efficient and affordable treatment and care in India. This is possible due to both the healthcare service giants’ common aim to avail global-quality healthcare for every individual patient at an affordable price.

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