Rodney Symington: Hip Replacement Surgery Goa, India

Hello I am Rodney Symington from Canada. I am 74 years old & was suffering from severe arthritis & hip pain & was advised a Hip Replacement Surgery. About a month ago when I suddenly experienced severe hip pain & I could not walk; so I went to a local clinic for diagnosis & discovered that my hip was badly deteriorated & I would need a hip transplant, hip implant. So I went to a hospital that I visit frequently & had X-ray & the orthopedic surgeon there confirmed that I needed a total hip replacement. At that point of time I was interested in finding a good doctor & excellent service so I went on to the internet & searched around for some time & came up with several options. I contacted all kinds of search engine services & after I received many replies I thought that Travcure Medical Tourism was probably the best, so I continued to pursue my options with Travcure Medical Tourism. They gave me several possibilities & of the possibilities they recommended I chose Dr. Ameya Velingker in Goa. I am very glad I did so because this experience has been absolutely superb. I can say this because I have something to compare it to. I had another hip replacement 10 years ago. Compared to that, this hip replacement has been far less painful & far more successful in my eyes. This is on the 3rd day after my operation & I am already walking in almost a normal manner. In fact I was walking in less than 12 hours after the operation. This has been, from my point of view a wonderful experience & from a medical point of view & I must say that the treatment by the doctor, all the doctors & particularly the operating surgeon has been absolutely first class. I would recommend this company to anybody considering a hip replacement surgery. Thanks Travcure Rodney Symington  
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