Spreading Awareness on World Cancer Day


World Cancer Day , in fact, is a great collective opportunity for us where we can examine strategies designed for controlling cancer & to identify winning means & methods which can accelerate progress in treatment options for cancer. However, goal of this endeavor is to ensure that the number of people developing cancer drops with successful treatments of existing cases & to present a better quality of life for cancer patients during & after treatment. Promoting cancer awareness is a key aspect which is helpful in managing & preventing most types of cancers. Common measures which need to be addressed for raising cancer awareness include helping populations understand available measures like screening programs, understand risk factors & warning signs, cancer & age & where & how to seek help in case cancers develop. Cancer awareness measures are generally useful instruments at local, regional & national levels for identifying information requirements, monitoring & assessing impact of awareness interventions.

Basic cause of cancer ultimately is the result of uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells which multiply but do not die. While normal cells in the human body follow a set path of growth, multiplication & death which is called apoptosis, cancerous cells break away from this normal process & form into abnormal masses which refuse to die. Cancerous cells fail to experience programmatic death sequence & instead keep on growing & dividing uncontrollably so as to form tumors or abnormal mass of tissue.

Signs & symptoms of cancers are quite varied. Symptoms of cancer usually depend upon the location & spread of cancer & upon the size of tumor. While some cancers appear as lump on testicle or breast, others can be seen or felt through skin. Melanomas are cancers of the skin which are noted by changes in moles or warts on skin. On the other side, some symptoms of cancer are less physically apparent. Like for example, brain tumors can often present early symptoms of cancer since they affect cognitive functions. Whereas pancreatic tumors are too small to cause early symptoms until they start pushing against nearby nerves or interfere with functioning of liver.

February 4th, 2017  is the World Cancer Day just around the bend. Travcure Medical Tourism which is a globally reputed healthcare facilitator associated with the best surgeons & internationally accredited hospital facilities is gearing up to do their bit in promotion of cancer awareness. As of now Travcure has tie-ups with hospitals spread across 5 countries including Germany, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, India, & South Korea. They also look forward to spreading their footprints into other Asian & European countries in the near future.

Mr. Owais Saiyed who is the director & architect of this fast expanding global healthcare network humbly says “this is the least we could do, we owe this to our growing list of patients across the world, especially African people.” Through means & methods at their disposal, Travcure team of experts have embarked upon a program to spread useful information concerning signs, symptoms & early detection of cancer, including preventive measures where it is needed most. Travcure healthcare experts are headed towards African countries & will be based in Kenya in February, 2017 as part of their mission to spread cancer awareness among the people of this continent, where it is most needed.   

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