Squint Eye Correction: Causes, Symptoms & Affordable Treatment

What is Squint Eye?

Squint eye, also known as ‘strabismus’ is a form of an eye disorder that causes the eyes to point in different directions. This can be due to a congenital condition or due to an injury or a disorder at a later stage in life.

What causes Squint Eye?

There are various factors that may contribute towards the development of the squint eye condition. Squint eye can be caused by a farsightedness condition that has not been treated for a long time. Certain severe head injuries may also cause the eye muscles to weaken from one side and change the direction of that eye. In rare cases, squint eye is also caused by a childhood case of severe measles, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, hydrocephalus as well as other forms of eye problems.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Squint Eye?

The most commonly seen symptom of squint eye is the misaligned focusing of both the eyes, meaning the eyes point in different directions. More signs and symptoms of squint eye condition include:
  • Eyes not moving together
  • Asymmetrical point of reflections in each eye
  • Head tilts to one side for focusing
  • Depth-gauging becomes difficult
  • Squinting with one eye 

What are the procedures for Squint Eye Correction?

There are various methods of treatment for squint eye correction, and they all aim to improve the eye muscles around the eye ball in order to synchronize the movements of both the eyes. These treatments may need to be used alone, or in combination with another treatment for optimum results. The cause, type and severity of the squint eye (strabismus) condition determine the type of treatment used for squint eye correction. These are the commonly performed squint eye correction procedures:
  • Vision Aids – Eyeglasses or contact lenses may help to improve squint eye condition caused mainly by an uncorrected farsightedness
  • Injected Medication – Commonly known as Botox treatment, this method uses diluted botulinum toxin injections into the eye muscles to relax the abnormally contracted eye muscles which help them move the eye ball normally.
  • Patching – This method uses an eye-patch to cover the better-seeing eye, which results in the affected eye to use the muscles more and helps to restore the movement of the eye ball to normal.
In cases, where the above-mentioned treatment methods fail to correct the squint in the eye, then the doctor will advise a surgical treatment for it. There are various types of surgical methods used for squint eye correction, such as:
  • Recession & Resection Procedure – This surgery requires the surgeon to detach the affected muscle of the eye (extra-ocular muscle) and re-attach it further back in the eye to help relax it if it is abnormally tightened. If the muscle is too loose the surgeon may perform a recession procedure in order to reduce the strength of the opposite (antagonist extra-ocular) muscle so as to balance the function of both the opposing eye muscles. In several cases, a resection procedure may be required to provide strength to an eye muscle in order to correct a misalignment causing the squint in the eye. The surgeon will need to tighten the muscles on the sides (lateral rectal muscles) of the eye to correct a condition if the patient has inward turning eyes (esotropia).
  • Adjustable Suture Squint Eye Surgery – In this surgery, the uses adjustable sutures to hold the eye muscles in place after a resection procedure has been performed, this helps to improve the end-result after the surgery. This surgery is mostly advised for adults.

What is recovery like after a Squint Eye Correction surgery?

There might be redness in the eye for a few days after the surgery and will usually fade in 2-3 weeks. Soreness in the eye in also observed and the blood vessels tend to become more prominent in the surgical area, usually on the outer edges or the inside of the eye ball. The eye redness is mostly caused due to broken blood vessels and tends to fade within 2-3 weeks. An obstruction in the eye might be felt however, this sensation will also gradually fade away. 

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