Successful Cosmetic Surgery of a USA Citizen with Travcure, Goa

Goa – 23rd February, 2016 Now a day’s people are much more aware of their looks and are considering cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance. Cosmetic surgeries are one of the most expensive surgeries all around the globe. Wide ranges of cosmetic surgeries are available in India at the most reasonable prices as compared to any other countries. Ms. Cynthia Clark a 63-year-old US citizen was struggling with sagging skin and wrinkles on her face and neck. She was very self-conscious about her appearance which was affecting her level of confidence. Ms. Cynthia Clark wanted to undergo cosmetic surgery to get rid of the sagging skin from her face, neck and eyelid. So she decided to undergo a Neck lift, Facelift & Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty surgery. Ms. Cynthia Clark was in a search of an economical option for cosmetic surgery as cosmetic surgeries are very expensive in US. After having searched extensively, she found that cosmetic surgeries are available in India at very affordable prices. Ms. Cynthia Clark sent a query to a few medical tourism companies in India and came across Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants. Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants responded the fastest to her query. Ms. Cynthia Clark was requested to send all her medical reports to Travcure so they can take a professional opinion from the best cosmetic surgeon in India and suggest her with the best cosmetic treatment. After a satisfying response and various options offered to her by Travcure Consultants, Ms. Cynthia Clark chose Dr. Rashmin Roy and NUSI Wockhardt Hospital in Goa for her Neck lift, Facelift & Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty surgery. Travcure Consultants contacted Dr. Rashmin Roy with all the medical reports of Ms. Cynthia Clark in order to be ready for treatment on her arrival. Consultants at Travcure arranged a complete itinerary for Ms. Cynthia Clark right from her arrival to her departure which included numerous of services such as airport pick-up and drop, arranging her stay at a five-star hotel, fixing appointments with the doctors or follow up with the doctors. After having being admitted to NUSI Wockhardt Hospital in Goa Ms. Cynthia Clark has a thorough discussion about her expectations from the surgery, risks involved and the possible outcomes of the surgery with Dr. Rashmin Roy. Dr. Rashmin Roy performed a Neck lift, Facelift & Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty Surgery on Ms. Cynthia Clark with the use of the technologically advanced equipment’s and minimally invasive surgical procedure. Minimally invasive approach for the surgery provided Ms. Cynthia Clark with quicker recovery time and less scarring. Post-surgery Ms. Cynthia Clark was admitted into a private recovery room with all the basic amenities and 24*7 observation and assistance by a team of experienced nursing professionals and other supporting medical staff. Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants has once again added a successful cosmetic surgery to its list. Travcure is now gaining popularity for providing the most affordable and efficient medical treatment in India.
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