Successful Heart Valve Replacement Surgery of Philippines Citizen with Travcure

Delhi – 5th January 2016 – A coronary condition is one of the more serious medical disorders that affect a person. A severe kind of coronary (heart) condition or disorder may need immediate medical and surgical care. Millions of people are affected with one or the other form of heart disorders. The most common type of heart valve damage is caused as a result of contracting rheumatic fever. There are different stages of damage to the heart valves after a rheumatic fever which correspond with the chances of developing acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term) heart diseases. Roxanne, 27-years old from Philippines, is one of those young people that are affected by a heart valve disorder as a result of rheumatic fever complications. After her friend came to know about her disorder they advised her to connect with Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants. After her initial enquiry Travcure got in contact with Roxanne and after an initial consultation with her medical documents she was advised to undergo a heart valve replacement surgery. Roxanne chose from a number of bespoke and affordable packages offered by Travcure who managed her travel procedures as well as staying options in India during and after her heart valve replacement surgery. Travcure chose the famous Fortis Escorts Institute in New Delhi for Roxanne’s heart valve replacement surgery as it is known among the most modern and highly equipped cardiac specialist hospitals in India. The staff at Fortis Escorts Institute was ready to treat Roxanne within hours of her arrival in New Delhi and a successful heart valve replacement surgery was performed by Dr. Z. S. Meharwal. Roxanne’s complete hospital stay was made additionally comfortable with the supporting medical staff and the nursing staff working efficiently to meet her every requirement. Roxanne terms her experience as a foreign patient as “extremely good and satisfactory”. Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants in India are widely known for providing the most affordable and efficient medical treatment. Travcure is connected with a vast nation-wide network of international-quality standard-holding hospitals and clinics that offer the most modern medical and surgical treatment. Travcure is known for its wide range of bespoke medical tourism packages that do not weigh on the pocket and are most affordable in price. All these and other qualities of Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants makes them a choice of thousands of patients from world over who choose to get various medical and surgical treatments in India every year.
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