Successful Hip Replacement Surgery of a Canadian Citizen with Travcure, Goa

Goa – 7th January, 2016 There are millions of people who are afflicted with one form or the other of a hip condition that makes it a hindrance in performing regular everyday activities. These hip conditions can be painful and severely disabling that can be a cause of constant discomfort and lesser mobility. There are certain hip conditions that are severe in nature and cause constant pain and can even make you immobile and unable to even perform everyday tasks such as walking or standing a troublesome job. These conditions can arise out of a traumatic injury to the hip, certain hip or bone disorders as well as old age. Most hip disorders and severe injuries to the hop region require immediate surgical treatment in order to save the hip from getting further damaged as well as to retain the strength and mobility of the hip joint for future use. Mr. Rodney Symington, a 74-year old Canadian citizen was diagnosed with severe form of arthritis that resulted in debilitating hip pain and caused normal movement of the hip painful and resulted in eventual immobility. Doctors in Canada advised him to undergo a hip replacement surgery as soon as possible to regain the lost strength and the movement in the hip joint. After having searched extensively for medical tourism consultants Mr. Symington sent a query to a few out of which Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants in India responded the fastest to his query. Mr. Symington was requested to send his relevant medical documents to Travcure for the expert team of consultants to peruse them to suggest the most efficient and best treatment option as well as the ideal hip replacement specialist surgeon. After having been satisfied with the response of Travcure, Mr. Symington chose to have a hip replacement surgery in Goa by Dr. Ameya Velingker. Travcure Consultants contacted with and supplied Dr. Velingker with all of Mr. Symington’s medical documents in order to be ready for treatment on his arrival. Travcure arranged the complete itinerary for Mr. Symington, from visa to hospital and hotel sty including receiving him at the airport. After having being admitted into the world-renowned hospital in Goa Mr. Symington was advised by Dr. Velingker regarding all the types of surgical hip replacement methods as well as their individual advantages and drawbacks. After selecting the appropriate and most efficient hip replacement surgical method Dr. Velingker performed the surgery using the latest and most modern minimally invasive surgical procedure. This surgery is performed in a comparatively lesser time with smaller and less number of incisions than required in a conventional open type of hip replacement surgery. Post-surgery care for Mr. Symington included a private recovery room with all the basic amenities as well as round-the-clock observation and assistance by a team of experienced nursing professionals and other supporting medical staff. Due to adopting a minimally invasive surgical procedure for hip replacement by Dr. Velingker Mr. Symington was able to start walking on the third day after the surgery itself. This was a much faster recovery than he experienced when he had undergone a hip replacement surgery around ten years back. Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants have once again proved to be efficient medical tourism consultants with the perfectly organized travel itinerary as well as connecting with the best and most experienced orthopedic surgeon for providing the hip replacement surgery in the most hassle-free manner and at an affordable cost than the other thousands of medical tourism firms out there.
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