Successful Spine Surgery of a Nigerian Citizen with Travcure, Nagpur

Nagpur - 6th January 2016 Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants have been at the forefront of successful spinal surgeries in India for patients coming from all over the world. In another such successful endeavor, Travcure is proud to announce the successful spine surgery for Mrs. Margaret Ailuelohia, a 61-year old Nigerian citizen, for severe lumbar canal stenosis. Mrs. Ailuelohia had been suffering debilitating back pain from a few years and after a medical check-up was diagnosed as suffering from severe lumbar canal stenosis with spondylolisthesis and neurogenic claudication and was advised to undergo a spinal surgery to address the complication in the spine. After searching the Internet exhaustively for affordable and efficient spine surgery choices she came across Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants and chose it for her spine surgery in India. She was advised to send her medical reports and other relevant documents so that Travcure consultants could suggest the most affordable and effective treatment method for her spine surgery. With fast response and thoroughness, Travcure arranged for Mrs. Ailuelohia to travel to India for her spine surgery by arranging her complete travel itinerary in the most convenient manner possible. After having selected Nagpur as her travel and surgery destination Mrs. Ailuelohia was taken directly to Dr. Laddha for the pre-surgery physical exam and other relevant tests upon arrival. Dr. Laddha prepped her prior to the surgery and made her aware of the possibility of complications and risks with the selected spine surgery as well as informed her about the advantages of it to ensure that the surgery is uneventful and successful. The condition of lumbar canal stenirsis with spondyolesthesis and neurogenic claudication can be treated successfully with a discectomy, which involves removal of the affected intervertebral disc and fusing the two consecutive vertebras together, or a laminectomy which uses the removal of partial or major portion of the vertebra in order to increase the space in the spinal canal. Mrs. Ailuelohia chose the minimally invasive procedure to get treated for her back condition that involved using smaller incisions in the back to insert tiny surgical instruments in her spine to perform the required procedure with less number of incisions using specialized surgical instruments. This new procedure allows for quicker recovery from the surgery as well as reduces the risk of infection from a prolonged surgical method. Mrs. Ailuelohia, after having undergone the surgery, was shifted into the private ward for recovery from the surgery as well as being under observation for any immediate complication arising as a result of the surgery. The doctors, nurses and supporting staff at the hospital was always available to her for taking care of her every need and requirement till she was hospitalized for complete rest after the spine surgery. Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants have proven to be reliable and efficient in arranging the patient’s complete travel itinerary, from arranging travel visa, booking a hotel, reserving operating wards to selecting the particular specialists and doctors including supervising the patient’s stay at the hospital in order to make it more comfortable and hassle-free. Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants have added another feather in the cap for managing one more successful spine surgery for a foreign patient in India.
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