Affordable Surgical Treatments in India for Sleep Apnea

Quality of life for almost 45 percent of the world’s population is affected due to problems with sleep. Lack of proper sleep, both in quantity and quality, is associated with high risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, lowered immunity and problems with the endocrine system so as to cause mood swings, irritability, lack of concentration and depression. Although most sleep disorders are either preventable or treatable, it is the lack of awareness which stops people from seeking effective medical help. In many cases poor sleep results from depression, anxiety, lifestyle habits like watching television and using computers and from obstructive sleep apnea.


Affordable surgical treatments in India for sleep apnea

Types of ENT Surgery for Sleep Apnea

Most often, positive airway pressure is the first line of treatment. However, many patients complain that they experience difficulty in wearing a tight mask all through the night and feel uncomfortable in dealing with high pressure of air blown through nose. Surgery for sleep apnea is however an alternate feasible option. Some of the most common surgical options depending upon the location of obstruction within the respiratory tract are mentioned below.


  • Nasal Surgery – Treatment of nasal obstruction is an important part of nasal surgery where anatomic areas like septum, turbinates and nasal valve are contributing to obstruction. Septoplasty, turbinate reduction and strengthening of the nasal valve are the most common surgical procedures performed for sleep apnea.
  • Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty – UPPP in short, this surgical intervention for sleep apnea involves removing excessive tissue from soft palate and pharynx areas. Tonsils are also removed as part of the procedure in case they are there.
  • Soft Palate Implants – Also known as the Pillar Procedure, this is a minimally invasive surgery involving placement of 3 polyester rods into soft palate. These are meant to initiate inflammatory response of surrounding tissue which slightly stiffen the soft palate.
  • Hyoid Advancement – This is a small bone in neck where muscles of pharynx and base of tongue attach. During this procedure the hyoid bone is surgically repositioned anteriorly through a minimally invasive procedure such that it results in an expansion of airway while preventing collapse.
  • Tongue Advancement – Advancing the main genioglossus muscle forward and thereby limiting backward fall during sleep is the goal of this surgery. Tongue advancement procedure addresses the same potential obstruction sites as hyoid advancement.
  • Tongue Base Reduction – Reducing amount of tissue from tongue base is an effective surgical method for reducing sleep apnea in some patients. There are many ways through which this is achieved including shrinkage of tissue with help of radiofrequency waves.
  • Lower Jaw Advancement – Abnormal maxillofacial skeleton is recognized as a risk factor for obstructive sleep apnea in many patients. These patients have narrow and small jaws which diminish airway dimension and lead to nocturnal obstruction. Lower jaw advancement is a challenging surgical procedure which involves precise cutting of bone and positioning of teeth.
  • Tracheostomy – This surgical technique is designed to create a passageway for air so as to directly get to the lungs from trachea in neck. This is a long-term treatment procedure for obstructive sleep apnea among morbidly obese patients with significant craniofacial anomaly or with obesity hypoventilation syndrome.


High Standards of ENT Surgery in India

ENT surgery in India is of international standards with outcomes at par with the best in the world. These ENT specialists are globally recognized as some of the best doctors who are adept in performing the most complex operations. Apart from the high quality of surgical intervention, ENT surgery cost in India is also affordable and in fact just a fraction in comparison with availability of similar treatment procedures in other healthcare destinations across the world. International patients who are concerned about the rising cost of healthcare in their homeland and seeking good quality of affordable healthcare solutions can benefit from this opportunity and be able to save substantial amounts of their hard earned money as well by undergoing ENT surgery in India.


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