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At Travcure we take care of every patient’s need. Here are some stories...

To ensure the security of our patient’s information, the details have been altered.

Roxane Urbiztondo

Roxanne U.

From Philippines, for Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

With help of Travcure we found the best hospital for my heart valve replacement surgery. Before we came to India, Travcure helped us in processing our documents. Everything was arranged by Travcure for us. I feel very satisfied with the services given for my treatment. I am thankful and grateful to Travcure and would like to recommend them to people seeking health services in India, like we did.


Margaret A.

From Nigeria, for Spine Surgery

I contacted Travcure through my son for my spine surgery. Travcure services were superb and they effectively took care of all that we needed here in India, including medical assistance and answering an endless number of questions concerning my medical treatment. I would definitely recommend Travcure to overseas patients like me seeking healthcare in India.

Rodney Symington

Rodney S.

from Canada, for Hip Replacement Surgery

I am very glad I picked Travcure because this experience has been absolutely superb. I can say this because I have something to compare it to. I had another hip replacement 10 years ago. Compared to that, this hip replacement has been far less painful & far more successful in my eyes...

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