Written Patient Testimonials

I have been self-conscious about my facial appearance from the past few years due to the sagging skin and wrinkles so I decided to undergo a cosmetic surgery for my face. After a thorough research on the internet, I came across Travcure medical tourism company in India.

Travcure provided me with the best cosmetic surgeon in India at very economical prices. I am very happy with the outcome of my surgery. Thanks to Travcure the surgery boosted my confidence to a new level. Ms. Cynthia Clark, USA - Cosmetic Surgery In Goa, India

I was advised to undergo spine surgery as I was suffering from severe lumbar canal stenosis with spondylolisthesis and neurogenic claudication. I was looking for an affordable option and while researching over the internet my son found Travcure medical tourism company in India and contacted them immediately.

Consultant at Travcure asked me to send my reports to take a medical opinion on them. Travcure helped me plan my entire trip to India and assisted me in fulfilling all my documentation formalities, right from obtaining the visa to travelling and arranging a stay in India. Travcure offered me with specialised medical packages at affordable costs.

They also suggested me with top surgeons across India and provided me assistance in choosing the best surgeon for my spine surgery. The staff and the surgeons at the healthcare facility helped me throughout my entire stay and made my stay more comfortable.

My overall medical experience as an international patient has been really great. Thanks to Travcure I am now leading a normal life. Margaret Ailuelohia from Nigeria - Spine Surgery in Nagpur, India

I was suffering from severe arthritis and hip pain. Doctor advised me to undergo Hip replacement surgery. I was looking for replacement surgery at an affordable cost so I researched on the internet and found that orthopaedic surgeries have high success rate in India.

Next I was searching for a medical tourism company in India and came across Travcure medical tourism consultants and contacted them immediately. Consultants of Travcure helped me solve all the queries I had and asked me to send my reports so they can get a medical opinion on my condition. Travcure suggested me with customised medical packages according to my personal preferences.

They provided me with the best orthopaedic surgeon and healthcare facility in Goa. Thanks to Travcure I restored my mobility back and now leading a normal life. Rodney Symington from Canada - Hip Replacement Surgery Goa, India

Obesity was the problem I faced like thousands in the world. There was a dearth of correct opinion about how I could relieve myself from this problem.

I found Travcure website very promising & contacted them immediately. Travcure was very warm & caring, self-assuring. It is only because of their support that I have lost all the heavy burden of my body & can look forward to live a healthier life.

Ameer Ibrahi from Saudi Arabia – Obesity/Bariatric Surgery in India

I got recently operated in India. Travcure is a very supportive company and enables us to enjoy high end technology to get rid of our distresses. Travcure! Highly recommended!

Ariyasiri from Sri Lanka - Obesity/Bariatric Surgery in India

My angioplasty was a great success! All credits to Travcure for their efforts & honest service. My family was worried because I needed emergency care. Travcure cleared all the hindrances in our way & made it count as a success story. Thanks Travcure.

Dorothy from Nigeria - Cardiac Surgery in India

Matchless service paired with professionalism. Travcure is a great support. They always updated with my health reports & did not leave anything incomplete to cater us. Thank you.

Geraldine from The USA - Cardiac Surgery in India

I thank Travcure very much for putting all things right for my lip surgery. I was a bit scared about how my experience in India would be. But Travcure has done a truly bang-up job, I must say. From the time I reached airport, everything went out well. Remarkably organised & true to their work, Travcure deserves the credit.

Lisa from The UK - Cosmetic Surgery in India

I am a 60 year old & was suffering from meningioma. The doctors in my city were only making me go through series of tests which at that point were a burden for my pockets & even my health. My son found Travcure as the best solution on the web.

Travcure was definitely the right option with a very caring mind set for patients. They have served us & made us feel calm throughout the journey in India. Thank you, Travcure.

Victor from Nigeria - Neurosurgery in India

The hospital I was in had very good staff. I did not face any problem. Travcure was very mindful about my needs. My family was also happy with the arrangements. Thanks.

Marissa from Canada - Cosmetic Surgery in India

My 10 year old son developed tumours in his brain. Medical relief was urgent. We chose to come to India after hearing from relatives. Travcure made us realise how wonderfully Indians can serve their guests even for medicine. Apart from the tumour opteration, my son was taken care of even after a few weeks, all under aegis of Travcure. I thank Travcure from the bottom of my heart.

Melissa from South Africa - Pediatric Neurosurgery in India

They were honest enough to provide me with options and alternatives (also non-surgical options) & made me & my family feel, content by making us receive opinions from teams of proven professionals.

Jeremy from The UK - Orthopedic Surgery in India

Thank you, Travcure for your fantastic service. I am lucky enough to stand on my feet after the accident I met with. Your team’s 24X7 services truly reaped fruits of my healthy life today. Thanks.

Mr. Njoroge from Kenya - Orthopedic Surgery in India

Being old, I was suffering from a lower back pain. My family doctor suggested me take medical diagnosis in India. Travcure became a helping hand. I had already gone through two non-invasive procedures in Germany, which were of no help.

But Indian doctors came up with spinal fusion surgery for my degenerating discs which gave a tremendous relief. All credits to Travcure, without which I would not have got such a treatment.

Matthias Klemt from Germany - Spine Surgery in India

I was born with Scoliosis & could not do most things which I loved. Travcure made it possible in India with help of high class hospitals. I am very satisfied with the results. Thanks!

Promise from Nigeria - Scoliosis Correction Surgery in India
I was suffering from rheumatic heart disease. While researching on the internet, I came across Travcure medical tourism company in India & contacted them immediately. Consultants at Travcure offered me with specialised medical packages according to my personal preference at quite affordable prices.

Travcure helped me in planning my entire trip to India and provided me assistance to ful-fil all my documentation formalities, right from obtaining the visa to travelling. Travcure offered me with the best cardiac surgeon and healthcare facility in New Delhi. Doctors & staff at the facility were very helpful and attending all my needs. My overall medical experience as an international patient at the hospital has been extremely good & satisfactory. Roxanne from the Philippines - Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in Delhi, India

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