Thumbay Hospitals

Thumbay Group of hospitals is the most prestigious multispecialty facilities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These hospitals are spread over the Asian continent in places like Hyderabad, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai & Ajman. All Thumbay hospitals are JCI accredited healthcare facilities adhering to the best global standards. Known for the largest healthcare network in the UAE, Thumbay employs staff from over 22 countries speaking over 50 languages to attend their patients. Thumbay hospitals are full-fledged multidisciplinary centers providing wide-ranging tertiary care services & which have been the first choice of healthcare destination for people from over 175 nationalities. Apart from JCI accreditation, Thumbay hospitals are also maintain CAP-accredited laboratories alongside patient-centric services which are available at affordable costs. Along with multiple awards, memberships & accreditations, Thumbay hospitals which are present throughout the UAE feature a strong cultural diversity & an impeccable record of zero infection rates which make them the most popular healthcare destination for international patients. Combining superior technology & exceptional success rates with age-old tradition of oriental warmth & care, Thumbay hospitals have been providing excellent medical services of the last decade. Globally recognized as the best medical tourism hospital facility in Middle East; Thumbay Group of hospitals believes that healing process is as much about personal care as it is about medical attention.

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